Release Day: Idan

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Idan: A Sci-Fi Warrior Romance  (Heroes of Avalere Book 2)

By: Jane Henry

Release date June 30, 2017







Living on the dark mining planet of Kleedan, I saw only a bleak future. I sold my body to the men of Avalere, but it wasn’t enough. I needed to do more. Desperate, willing to sacrifice anything to feed my mother and sister, I pretended to be one of the pure women of The Circle trained to be mated to the warriors. In so doing, I tricked the formidable Duke into marrying me. He must never learn of my deception, or my family and I are doomed.


I scorned the very idea of “love,” only agreeing to the utilitarian institution of marriage to better serve my people. I did my duty and claimed a woman, drawn to her beauty and purity. It was not long after the marriage ceremony I discovered her lie. She will pay dearly for deceiving me. Marked by me, she will learn to call me master.

Note: This book is a somewhat dark BDSM novel containing the spanking of adult women. Please don’t purchase this book if these elements offend you.



As if I am in battle, I can see all with perfect clarity and vision, every hair on the head of my enemy, my peripheral vision noting every move and pulse throbbing in the veins of my foes, my senses hyper-focused.

Suddenly, I do not stand merely in front of a circle of dancing women. Now, there is only one.

Dark, raven black hair crowns her head, her eyes a dark chocolate brown. Something tells me I know her, but I have not. I would not forget her. The long, midnight waves of hair flow to her waist, unadorned like the others. I would have remembered her full, lush body, nor her creamy thighs, bare as she dances like an enchantress, her small feet moving in time to the music.

Aldric speaks beside me. “There were six,” he says. “And now there are seven. The perfect number. When did the seventh enter? I did not see.”

Centuries of tradition have taught us nothing more than superstition? There is no perfect number. But perhaps there is a perfect woman, and she stands now before me.

His words and the crowd fade away as the raven-haired woman draws near.

I have lost control of my senses. The music seems louder, the lights brighter, as she stands in front of me. Her eyes are bright, not submissive like those of the women who approached before, but vibrant and defiant. She does not welcome me to take her. She does not offer herself to me. She challenges me to do so.


Jane Henry

Jane is a bestselling erotic romance author in multiple genres, including contemporary, historical, sci-fi, and fantasy. She pens stern but loving alpha heroes, feisty heroines, and emotion-driven happily ever afters. Jane is a hopeless romantic who loves the ocean, her houseful of children, her awesome husband, chocolate, coffee, and sexy romance.

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