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Title: Winning the Game
Author: Leesa Bow
Release Date: May 17th,
Sports Romance
Aussie football star, Rhett Williams’ infamous off-field misdemeanours land him
in front of his club’s board with an ultimatum: clean up his bad-boy image or
lose his contract.
one catch: appear on a reality show to reinvent himself.
is Rhett’s lifeblood, but his family and the orchard farm in the country where
he grew up means more, especially as his family relies on his wage to keep the
business afloat. So Rhett puts his opinion of reality shows aside to
concentrate on doing whatever it takes to be re-signed.
TV mentor, Tori Winchester doesn’t have time for men, or a social life, which
suits her fine. When Rhett Williams arrives on set with his blond beach hair
and his mesmerising blue eyes, her resolve begins to crumble. He’s not the
spoiled bad boy casting had told her to expect.


Getting involved with someone like Rhett could
not only damage her long-term career prospects, they could both lose


In a
game of cat and mouse, Rhett is playing the one game he doesn’t want to win…


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 Really good!
Fishstein ~ Amazon Review**
Thoroughly enjoyed
this book–really interesting story and characters. I was immediately involved
in the story, and since this was my first encounter with this author, I was
pleased with her style of writing, and her way of including humor into the
I would definitely recommend this book. 
“You’re not bloody
serious?” By the blank expressions I receive from the three men in the
boardroom, I may as well be playing poker. “Christ, the answer is no.”
Fontaine—president of the Blackbirds Football Club—folds his arms over his
barrel of a chest. Twisted knuckles curl over the large sleeves, war injuries
from playing league football for over three hundred games. I remember sitting
in the stands with my dad watching him play, thinking he was the greatest
player of all time. Over my ten years at the club
we have built a solid relationship, like
father and son, and this is one of those times we’ll clash because we’re that
comfortable with each other.
meet Bill’s gaze with determination, waiting for him to respond. He stares down
his long nose with a look telling me his hands are tied in the matter.
controlled bloody silence is killing me. Leaning forward, I focus before opening my mouth. “Okay, yeah, I fucked
up. But seriously, is this the best idea you three can come up with?”
Jamieson, my manager, rubs the side of his neck. After five long seconds I realise he, too, isn’t going to back
me. The bastard has always crawled under a rock whenever it comes to standing
up to the president, and more so to the CEO—who I’ve nicknamed Dickhead—of the
Blackbirds Football Club.
walks over to a small, round table at the side of the room, holding a decanter
of whiskey. He pours more than a standard
drink and downs it in a single gulp. I narrow my eyes. He’s uncomfortable with
the situation—with me—but I withhold any comment. Even before Bill became
president, he was someone I’d listen to, but today I have reservations.
left us with no option,” he says. “Look at it this way, it’s an opportunity to
redeem yourself.”
know from experience not to get into a full-blown argument with Bill. He’s gotten
me out of a sticky situation on more than one occasion, but I have to pick my
fights, know when to step away from the ring. Leaning back, I fold my arms. I’m
not falling for their bluff that this reality show is the only way they’ll
re-sign me, or I can go play elsewhere.
I’m not going anywhere.
downs another shot before switching his focus to me. “You’re a valuable player
to us, Rhett.”
few words, and my resistance crumbles. “I don’t want a speech. Just tell me
what I have to do.”
Weeks, the CEO—Dickhead—clears his throat. “You make it sound like it’s our
fault you’re in this position.” He peers over the rim of his spectacles,
disdain clear in his voice. “No one forced those drinks down your throat.”
glare at Peter, hating that he’s sitting in on this meeting. My coach is on his
annual holiday with his family, so Peter was summoned to the emergency
conference. Without a doubt, Peter is voting against re-signing me. The rest of
my team is on an end-of-year football trip in Bali, so none are here to back
me. I’m already pissed off about being banned from the team trip to sort out my alleged mess. “I’m not the only guy who
drinks during football season.”
holds up a hand, ready to break up a verbal boxing match. “Mate, they’re not
talking about having a few drinks here. You know that. The Melbourne incident
is always going to come back and bite you in the arse every time you fuck up.”
that incident wasn’t entirely my fault. When are you guys going to believe me?”
Christ, even my voice sounds hoarse with desperation.
suppose it wasn’t your fault those girls ended up on your dick,” Peter says
hold Bill’s gaze, ignoring Peter’s remark. Bill is the only guy I need to
convince. The memory of a certain
photograph makes me lose my train of thought. I cringe at the image in my head—my
naked rear and some topless chicks at a
hotel in Melbourne. The photograph was splashed across the front page of the Australian newspaper for the entire
country to see. The offensive body parts blurred. I close my eyes briefly and
push away the memory.
do I have to do?”
Leesa Bow grew up in Broken Hill and later
worked as a nurse at the local hospital before moving to Adelaide in her early
twenties. Leesa married a footballer, and even though she was already a sport
enthusiast, sports turned into a major part of her life. So naturally she had
to incorporate these experiences into stories. Leesa refuses to indulge what
part of her stories is real and what is fiction.



On weekends Leesa enjoys reading, watching
basketball and football, having beach days with the family, catching up with
girlfriends, and taking long walks along the beach.


Leesa’s bucket list is to travel the world and
embrace the many friends she has made during her writing journey. 






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