Book Chat: Eight Days In the Sun

         Happy Memorial Day!!! I Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday. I’ve been wanting to chat about this book for a while, and today seemed so perfectly appropriate. Today’s book chat is on Eight Days in the Sun by MK Schiller. The male lead, Mason, is in the Marines, so today is the perfect day to post this. This is a book that I accidentally signed up for, but man am I glad I did! This book moved me in so many ways, and if I’m being honest, I cried my eyes out the entire book. In face, I recommended to a friend (who had made fun of my crying), and she was in a book funk for days after because she had such a book hangover. Also, she cried just as much as I did! BUT this is the best kind of crying! I cried for happy reasons and for sad reasons. It’s all around just an amazing story.




Love needs only one chance to shine . . .
He followed in his family’s footsteps and just graduated Marine boot camp. Now Mason Cutler’s personal mission is to get plenty of sun, surf, and no-strings romance in his favorite laid-back Florida beach town before shipping out. But a chance encounter with reserved Kiran Shenoy becomes a golden day of conversation, connection—and an intense attraction Mason can’t walk away from. They make an agreement—eight sensuous days together without regrets or promises. Yet soon Mason is longing to convince the spirited woman behind Kiran’s sad beautiful eyes to take a chance on even more . . .

All Kiran dared hope for was a chance to heal after a tragic accident and a devastating loss. Mason’s freewheeling energy and head-on courage warms her scarred body and soul—and ignites her heart. But with their lives going in different directions, the only commitment they can make is a pact to meet again. Can what they feel survive Mason’s military duty, and Kiran’s second chance to restart her life? And can a desire sparked one summer night be enough for forever?


My Review: 

There was not a minute of this book that I didn’t love. From the moment Kiran and Mason step into the hotel, until the last moment we see on the beach. EVERYTHING was so perfect! There were so many endearing things in this book that really just moved me in so many ways, MK did such a good job at bringing together quite a few different obstacles, and she did it so well. I love that Mason was a Marine and that Kiran was a writer, that was one of my favorite things. I have such a soft spot for anything including the military, and of course writing, but this book was so special. I can’t wait to tell my readers how amazing it was and to help spread the word!

eight days

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Kiran Part One: I had to start with Kiran because her POV is the first we get to experience. We know from the beginning that she’s been through A LOT. We also know she has this giant scar on her face, but we don’t know why right away. I felt so bad for her and I didn’t really understand her at first, because I didn’t have the whole story. Her reaction to Mason though, that’s something you can’t miss. Her attraction to him is so instant and so strong, that I can’t believe she hid behind it. Your away for eight days and a hot guy likes you, why not right??? I love how she lived in those eight days, how she let Mason help heal her. She learned that the scar isn’t what defines her, it is something to show her strength, and that she can do whatever she puts her mind to!

Mason Part One: The moment we meet Mason and he starts talking to Kiran I know he’s special. He sees past her scar and really sees who she is. I know instantly that he’s the person that is going to help her, but I didn’t realize how much she’d help him. Both of these people have such interesting pasts and are both learning to live again. I also love how much of a charmer he is, but how he only puts it to use for Kiran. I mean hell, the guy passed up a threesome to spend time with her! My one hold up, is that he knew her and waited to long to tel her. He was just so perfect. And the sand castle competition!!!! That was one of my favorite parts. We got to see such a creative side to him, and then for him and the other military guy to purposely hurt their castles so a little girl can win?? I was swooning so hard.

Speaking of Swooning: OMG THESE TWOOOOOO. They had such good chemistry!!! Every little thing he’d do for her I would swoon and tear up a little bit. He was so concentrated on helping her live that he didn’t even realize how much he was doing for himself. They let themselves really simmer too, they didn’t go in head strong. The story of how they first met and how she was so important to him, when she didn’t even know who he was, it was so sweet! I still wonder if he went to that beach that day purposely looking for her. It was such an act of fate. I also love that when they did finally get together, it was so explosive!! The scene where he is stuck in the elevator and she tells him how she wants to jump him, that was so hysterical!!!! They had something so special!

Meeting 5 years later: This whole concept truly broke my heart. The moment he started pulling away is the moment I started crying (again) but this time, I didn’t stop. I pretty much cried from then until the end of the damn book. I get why he wanted to do it though, it was so romantic! And how they had his old teacher help, and she was the key to this whole story! I love that he called every year to make sure the reservation was still good, he really did care! BUT that damn letter he sent to the hotel for her, that broke my heart. The moment she read the letter she was so hurt, but the teacher didn’t give up! She came the day they were supposed to meet and she’s the reason that Kiran decided to go after Mason.

Kiran Part Two: I love the woman she’d grown into and that she didn’t give up with the letter. I love that she still went after him, having no clue what was going on. I also love that she instantly clicked with his sister. I’m sure his sister knew so much about her, but she was a big key to them staying together. Kiran is so damn strong, even after seeing how Mason treats her after finding out he lost his vision, she stays! She still wants to be there for him and help him! And she’s a writer, which is so amazing. I love when authors bring writers into their stories, I think it makes it that much more special. The best parts about Kiran as she’s older, she didn’t forget and she didn’t I’ve up!!! She started with Mason, even when he didn’t want her to. She even tried to do everything she could to understand what he was going through. She’s seriously adorable.

Mason Part Two: What a shithead!!!! This man was so frustrating at the second part of this book! He called on year 4 to make sure the room was still booked, but tried to say in the letter that he met someone 2 years ago… did you not think that through better? And why make that decision for Kiran? He kept up with her life, I’m sure he realized how strong she was!!! Let her help you, let her love you! I just wanted to smack him upside the head!!!! That being said, I’m sure that life was rough for him, Kiran had seen him as such a strong person and he felt so weak. He wasn’t weak though, he was so damn strong and independent. The creative side of Mason was a part that I was so sad he was losing in the military, and to find out he kept that creative side when he came home, it was so endearing!! I love that he used his hands. One of the steamiest parts was when he asked to sculpt Kiran, it was so hot!!!

The End: I’m so glad that Mason came to his senses and didn’t let his life be ruined by losing his eye sight. I was kinda sad that Kiran wouldn’t answer his calls, she would have known that he was doing more for her if she’d answered the damn thing. I’m kind of surprised that his sister didn’t reach out to her though. I also love that they bought the book store, I thought that was so adorable! That town is where their love started, it only made sense that it is where it ended. I really which we could have seen him as a Dad though, maybe there will be a novella extra for us somewhere soon??

What did you guys think about this book? Did you love it as much as Jamie and I? I’m so curious to see if people share my thoughts. Let me know ♥

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