Book Chat: Hot Blooded Prizefighter

       Hello my loves!! I hope you are all having a great holiday weekend! Some things have changed around recently in my life, so I’ll be around a lot more in the next few weeks. I’m so excited to be able to spend some more time on the blog, and the first thing I want to do is chat with you all!!! I’ve read some truly amazing books in the past few weeks and I really wanted to chat about a few. First up this week we have Hot Blooded Prizefighter (Windy City Bad Boys #2) by Holly Dodd & Mickey Miller. I got the pleasure of meeting Holly not long ago, and she’s one of the most amazing people ever! As always I’ll share the synopsis, my official review, some buy links and the cover then dive right in!!

DISCLAIMER: Please don’t read this if you haven’t read the book!




I’m the king of trash talking, but this time my mouth has signed a check I’m not sure I can cash. Now, I’m fighting in the biggest publicized spectacle, with a chance at a massive payday. I have two months to make this work and prove that I’m the true world champion.


Except, my handlers think I need refinement. You can’t fix perfection, but that doesn’t stop my new style coach from trying. Crystal Lawson is set on keeping our relationship platonic, but I can see the lust in her eyes and feel the craving in her touch. We’re supposed to keep this professional, but I f*cking love a challenge. I might be an animal in the ring, but I am a beast in bed. Before our time is through, she’s going to be screaming my name.



I should have walked away. My sanity isn’t worth being secluded on a remote island with a barbarian. I should be having the time of my life. I’m doing the job of my dreams, surrounded by the best fighters MMA has to offer and gorgeous beaches.


There’s just one problem; Connor McGrath. The arrogant and sexy-as-hell Irish fighter tests my every nerve. I hate him for dragging me into this situation. But every time I see him, I long to trace his tattoos and lick his abs. I’m stuck in paradise with him for sixty days with no way out, and a runaway libido.


As the nights grow hotter, and the chemistry between us threatens to erupt, I can’t help but wonder if beauty ever tamed the beast.


My Review:

These two did it again!! I was completely entranced with book one, or so I thought, but book two??? Whole new ball game!!! I clung to every single word and was on the edge of my seat the whole time! Devoured the first 2/3 of the book in only a few hours and couldn’t wait to read more. There were so many layers to this story, from super steamy scenes to super funny scenes that left you laughing. Another amazing thing was the dialect of Connor’s speaking, it was so good!! I found myself reading with the Irish accent, it was that good!!! I can’t wait for more!!!

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The Series: I really loved the first Windy City Bad boy book and I loved how it contained the rivalry of the Italians and the Irish. That being said, I’m Irish so of course I loved that our heritage was in the book. We get to see a lot more of it in this book and it made me so excited!!

Dialect: I LOVEEEEEEE how Micky & Holly made sure Connor had an Irish accent! I actually found myself reading it with the accent, it was THAT Good!!! I really love when an authors make sure they use a real dialect in a story and that they stick with it. One of my favorite things about this one, is that not only does Connor have the accent, but Crystal starts to pick it up too! Using words like ‘feck’ made me laugh and really enjoy the story that much more!

Connor: We got to see a pretty decent glimpse of him Dirty CEO, but we didn’t see a whole lot. We knew from that book that he was a ‘bad boy’, he had quite a mouth on him and that he was an MMA fighter. I really liked that we got to see him spotlighted in the second book, because he was such an interesting character. I love how from the moment we meet him in HBPF we really get to see the true Connor. We get to see how he feels about fighting, how he doesn’t really care one way or another about the public eye, but he knows his image is getting the best of him.

When he first sees Crystal he knows that she is going to distract him, and I love how he flat out told Jeff “See that shit? That’s called a distraction. Get me a man, a gay one.” I laughed sooooo hard at this!! He knows how he is with women and he knew he was done for with this one. I also love that he tried to be a good sport, but he just couldn’t help his reactions. You could see that he was really trying with her, that he wanted to be better for her. He was so shocked at the fact that she stuck it out with him in the village and that made a big impact on him. He even tried really hard to not let her get to him, but their chemistry was too much.

Crystal: From the time we meet her, we know how important this job is to her, but we also know how hard it’s going to be. Her and Connor had this instant attraction that I don’t think she thought would be such a burden. She is so head strong and I love that about her!! When they got to the island and she followed Connor to where he was staying, I was so shocked! The majority of that shock, was that she stayed. She was so used to a certain life style, but we really got to see a different side of her in the village. We got to learn that she was raised as a county girl and she is no stranger to sparse living, but this ‘bungalow’ was a little different than she had expected. She was so good at her job too, she truly did everything she could to be the best help that Connor could have. When they had their first meeting with the shoe company and she used the different statistics I was so surprised! She was much more than just an ‘image consultant’ and I loved that about her character. I also love how she tried soooo hard to not let Connor get to her, but when she did, she went all out. She lived up every moment with him, but also tried to not get it affect her job.

Chemistry: These two had so much chemistry from the moment the locked eyes, I couldn’t wait to see when they’d crumble. I love that Holly & Mickey held out for as long as they did, because we got to see this great build up of their emotions. These two were very emotion central people, and they both tried to not let the emotions get the best of them. Clearly they lost, because they let it happen. Both characters surprised each other with who they really were, and I think that played a big role in their chemistry. Once they knew what each others true self was, it made them fall that much harder for each other. Their chemistry also worked well together in their business life also, they were just a great pair!

The ending: This ending had me so shocked!!! I knew that the guys they were up against were dirty, but I never imagined them bringing in a fake kid!!! The chick was psycho too! I was pretty upset over how Crystal treated the scenario though, I think that should could have reacted better. I hated that she didn’t talked to Connor and just left!!!! BUT The best part about the ending was the other shoe company!!! How neat that they had been around these people from the beginning and didn’t know who they were. The whole ending surprised me and that’s sometimes hard to do!

I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next for the Windy City Bad Boys series!!

–Readers, got any books you want me to chat about? Just let me know =]

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