Book Chat: Save Me by Logan Chance

Hello my loves!!! I know I’ve already said this a few times, but I was so excited for this release for so many reasons. I’m really excited to finally show you why!! I’m going with my review so if anyone sees a blurb of this post they don’t get any spoilers!

DISCLAIMER: Please don’t read this if you haven’t read the book!

Review: I think this is the best Sex Me novella yet! It has so much jammed packed in the short story. Ryan and Lizzie are such deep characters and there were so many levels to their story. I love military romance novels, but this one was a little different. It was so real and faced so many issues of what really happens. Logan, you did amazing things with this book, it actually makes me emotional. Thank you for be so kind and generous ❤


Book Chat time!! I’m sorry if I’m all over the place. I was so excited to read!! I’m going to try and make this in categories =]

Nicknames: I love the name of these characters. Lizzie is such an adorable name, and Ryan reminds of me Private Ryan. Also their nicknames!! I totally fell in love with each title of the chapters and how they had these nicknames. I also love that the nicknames stuck throughout the whole story and how we really got a great insight to these names.
History: These two have so much history and I really enjoyed seeing bits and pieces of it. I like when an author doesn’t give us too much background or goes back and forth for lengths. Logan did a great job with his memories of their past. In addition to this history that they share, the relationship that Lizzie has with Ryan’s mom is so adorable. To come from a broken home and her being taken in by his family was so heart warming.
His Family: This was another biggie for me! They were all so laid back and chill, very Florida. I loved everything about this, it actually reminded me of someone in my past. I love how his dad was just a grown beach bum and his mom kind of picked up behind him. They were just so cute!!
Ryan: I really loved Ryan in this book. He seemed like such an Alpha guy, but he has so little confidence in himself. I did feel bad though that he came home and just kind of left off from where he’d left. He did so much for his country, just to come home and it be like he never left. I feel like he deserved so much more, but as I read on I realized that he really put himself there. He had such little self worth for himself, other than having his own space. That hurt me to see him feel that way about himself. At the same time, I can’t even imagine what he went through and what he came home knowing. 
Lizzie: She was the complete opposite. She seemed to have acomplish so much. It seemed like Ryan was really proud of her and really envious at the same time. I really wish that Ryan would have told her more. I don’t think that she rubbed her situation in his face in any way, but had he told her more of her scenario that she would have treaded a little more carefully. Also with Lizzie, I love how her and Ryan kind of picked up where they left off. They instantly were back to being best friends, but of course with that underlying lust. They worked so well together and I loved seeing how they fell into their habits when he got back.
Their relationship Today: Going back to Lizzie and Ryan though, I’m really upset that he didn’t write her. I know he was going through so much and his head wasn’t in the right place, BUT maybe if he had written her he wouldn’t have been in such a dark place when he got back. Holding all of what happened over seas and what he knew about his health really took a tole on him. If anyone, Lizzie would have been the person to talk to. She’s the person he always felt the most comfortable with, the most like himself, and I think it probably hurt Lizzie that he didn’t trust her with this. How he had treated her at the end really hurt the most. I’m so glad that she got off her but and went to him to show him that there was no backing down. 
The last thing I want to talk about was the acknowledgments in this book. Logan, I love you so much for your research on this project with veterans and with Miami Lighthouse. Everything you did for this book is just so admirable. Than you so much!!!

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