Reviews & Ramblings 4.19

Hello again my loves! I hope you all got to enjoy some of the reads I posted yesterday, I’m just as excited to show you guys the rest today! I’ve gotten to read so many amazing books and I am so honored to be able to read these. I’m currently finishing up The Sex Tourist by Olivia Wild, and man is it good!  I can’t wait to share. I’m really hoping to have more personal reads next month, I signed up for a lot less ARCS. We will see how that goes! Any recommendations let me know! Now, onto some more books! ♥


~♥~ Personal Reads ~♥~

HARHard & Reckless (Club Reckless 1) by Victoria Ashley
This book was HOT HOT HOT!!!! I loved how many layers there were to the story. From the beginning I was so curious about Jameson, especially after what Cole did to him. Everything about these men is intriguing and keeps you on your toes. Then we meet Brooke and she adds in even more curiosity. This was such a good triangle and I CANNOT wait for Cole’s story! Be prepared and maybe keep an extra pair of panties around for this one 😉
Side Note: The next book will be quite a while, will definitely be re-reading this one!!


PRice.jpgAmerican Prince (American Queen Trilogy) By Sierra Simone
Check out my Youtube Review Here
This book was too much, and not nearly enough. We keep getting these glimpses into the lives of everyone, but we only see so much. It’s almost like Eve with her apple. There’s so many taboo things and fine lines that there is a constant teetering on the edge of is this right or wrong. But then we have this beautiful relationship that is like a flower, it blooms and then we start losing our petals. This is how I felt reading this book. Like my bloomed flower was losing petals. Their story is so beautiful but I’m so heart broken. Then are so many revelations and truths revealed that you feel every emotion under the sun throughout the entire book. The wait for America King going to devastate and excite me all at once!

~♥~ Advanced Reader Copies Part 2 ~♥~

AshesAshes by Steven Manchester

For me this is a book that really stepped out of my comfort zone, I don’t usually read something that isn’t romance, and if I do it’s usually suspense. BUT, this book was so good! Steven did such a great job of taking us on that amazing emotional roller coaster. There were times that I wanted to scream, times I wanted to weep and times that I laughed my butt off. He did such a good job with that.

Tom and Jason are two brothers that really didn’t know each other and this horrible circumstance brought them back together. Right when you think this is going to be the worst thing that could ever happen, you learn quickly that this was the best thing that could have ever happened to these men. The whole premise of their story and the theme of the book just really tug at your heart strings.

Steven, you did amazing. At the end of this I really felt the need to text my brother and tell him I love him. It helps put life into the perfect kind of perspective. Thank you for writing such a beautiful book


Dirty CEO
Dirty CEO (Windy City Bad Boys 1) by Mickey Miller & Holly Dodd
This book was so enticing from the very beginning! The story is so much like a modern day Romeo and Juliet that I really loved every minute of it that much more. Kelly and Vince have such an in-depth past that it makes their future so significant. Everything about their story is heart wrenching, but it’s all written so well. There are also some VERY hot situations in this book so it really is quite a well rounded book!!


TameMeTame Me (Heiress 2) by Natalie Rios

I could NOT put this book down!!! From the moment I start reading I couldn’t stop. Everything about Charlotte enticed me, I was so curious about her. I mean who travels and doesn’t even have an apartment where they stay at while home? I always wondered about her in the previous book.

To see how she transforms as a person and how we get to see who she truly is, that’s inspiring. I think I’m with almost every reader in saying that we were judging her based on her being rich and having no roots, but she’s such an amazing and inspiring person!! And Brody, who’s name is so fitting, makes up so many parts of the layers of this story. His reaction to her and how he learns from her is astounding. I find it so ironic that these two end up paired up.

I can’t wait to see where else Natalie takes us, I hope we get more!!


Spaniard.jpgThe Concillium Vampires Book 1: The Spaniard by Angela Goldsberry

When I read the synopsis I was already enamored. Apart from a few formating issues this book was absolutely amazing! Michael and Rowan are everything you would want in main characters. They both have so much charisma, spunk and emotion that you can’t help but get swept up in their love story. Angela did such a good job with the supporting characters too! Hank and Chairmen were exceptional supports and the later additions of Father Jim, Niko and Vince were just icing on the cake.

I was so curious about the plot of this story and how she would bring Leah full circle. Leah was a fantastic villain! There were times where I wondered how theory didn’t figure something put, but then it would get twisted some. I also love how this is so much more than just a love story. There were so many layers; it had drama, suspense, love, repulsion and so much more.



Bring Me Home (Rocky Isle Conclusion) by Penny Harmon
I truly love everything about series, until they end. I am so sad to see this series come to an end, but can’t wait to see what Penny does next!
I loved everything about the Rocky Isle series and I was always curious about Dee because they talked about her a lot in the first few books. As sad as I am to see this end (I even begged Penny for more) I love how she did it. She brought the gang back together and you really can’t hope for any more than that. The best part about this book was being how not all relationships are perfect. Dee and Brad don’t have the perfect relationship and it made the story that much more real.



Claimed by Power (Empire of Angels) by Zoey Ellis
I really enjoyed this book. I really enjoy PNR and this was different than anything else I’ve read. I liked that there was more to it than a romance, I liked the fact that there was combat and more of a purpose than love.
Thea and Cam are such different people that it was so neat to see how they interacted. Thea had come from so little and she had so much to prove and Cam was such a good thing for her. To see them come together was such a treasure!
Zoey, you did such a good job! I can’t for the next book!!!


Kiss me now.jpg
Kiss Me Now (Brewhouse #3) by Holly Dodd
AHHHHHH!!!!!! This book was was everything I hoped for and so much more! I finally got some of the answers I’ve always wondered about with Angela, and we get to meet the super sexy Jackson. Angela and Jackson together are FIRE! Their connection is so strong and they really help each other a lot. I also like how we got to see more about the other couples and how Angela has transformed because of them. Angela had so much happen to her and Jackson helped her so much to get passed everything that happened to them. And Angela helped Jackson just as much, it was so endearing.



Faking It.jpg
Faking It by Holly Hart
I loved this story from beginning to end! There were so many different layers to the plot and so many layers to each character. Penny and Charlie were both two people who evolved so much throughout this story and who were very different than I had originally thought. Holly did so good at surprising us and bringing on so many twists and turns. I love the idea of the real kid and fake wife, and every turn it took from there just drew you in further. I like how complicated some of the parts were and how unpredictable other parts were. I can’t wait to read more of Holly’s work!


Good night loves and I hope you all have a great rest of your week!!

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