Book Boost: The Legend of the Fallen Kingdom

Hello loves! Mikel Wilson reached out to me late last year about reading a new book that he co-authored with Sherry Gist. I really enjoyed the book, Check it out ❤



A faithful Knight feels trapped by his duties to his king when his world is turned upside down by the meeting of a strange woman in the woods. This woman turns out to be a vampire who they are swore to kill on site. When she tells him a secret that is unknown even to him. Find out if he is able to protect his king or if the secret he has learned will change the way he feels about his kingdom.

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The year is 1231. A young knight steps out onto the courtyard. He is  troubled. He is respected and honored by all, but this isn’t the life that he dreamed of. Things have always been layed out so easily for him. No adventure. No excitement. It was like his insides were caged. He was like an animal just waiting to be unleashed.

He walked into the stables where his horse is kept. He is black as coal with a flowing and beautiful mane. He saddles him so he can let him run. Inside, he feels the restlessnesss of his horse and for once, he wishes he could run fast. Run so unrestrained. So free. Through the trees and underpasses, they run. Swift and fast.  Faster still. He’s never gone so fast before. Suddenly, the horse dashes right in fear. He pulls his sword out of his sheath as the horse bucks him off and begins running.

‘What could’ve spooked him so bad? ‘ He  thinks to himself.

He’s now chasing his steed, ” Apollo!” He cried out before he hears a sound and a loud thud. He runs towards the noise and sees something afar.  A  maiden is next to his fallen horse. He runs up behind her and she turns around slowly, blood dripping from her mouth as her tongue flicks out to lick her lips.

“Apollo.” He gasps as he draws his sword at this creature.

‘This woman. This demon?’ His mind is racing and his palms are sweaty with anticipation. Never has he felt so afraid yet so alive.

She stands about 5ft 6, her hair wild, and her dress has slits on each side. Her body is beautiful.  He shakes his head as he looks upon the beauty of this creature. She stands motionless almost laughing.

A small giggle rolls from her lips as she asks, ” Did you lose something?”

My Review:

I really liked this book a lot! I liked the time setting the story took place in, it’s a time before i would of thought of werewolves and vampires. There’s always been stories of sorcerer and witches, but we never really get vampire and werewolves from the 1200s. The settings were so great, and the details of the characters and their surrounds was really well done. Alexander exceeded all of my expectations, and I loved everything about Jaclyn. The added bonus of Merlin, a character that is common in a tale of this century, is a really nice added bonus! I’m excited to read more from Mikel and Sherry!


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