Ramblings and Reviews Part 2 12.20

So, be honest with me, are you tired of me yet? LOL I hope everyone has had a great beginning to their week! Can you believe we are only FIVE DAYS away from Christmas??!?!?!? I will be going home to visit my babies and family for a few days, what are you guys all doing for the holidays?

christmas yet.jpg

Now down to the nitty gritty! If you guys haven’t noticed yet by the sheer mass of books I’ve been up to my eyeballs in advanced reader copies. I have this horrible thing where I have issues saying no, I really need to exercise the use of the word more often LOL

~~♥~~ Advanced Reader Copies Part 2 ~~♥~~



We are going to start with a bang today!!! Next we have Date Me by Logan Chance, these Chance Brothers really know how to write! Logan does it again!!! This book is so hottt!!!! Other than that though, it’s written so well! I was constantly on the edge of me seat and waiting to get more. And I was constantly surprised! I love when I have no clue where the story is going and Logan did a great job of that! I can’t wait to read the next one ❤

Never Back Down .jpgThis year I started doing video reviews, on this next book I was so excited to be able to do one. We have Never Hold Back by JA Essen. I’m on his beta team, but genuinely love his books! I really loved Rachel in When Sparks Fly, she’s so witty and fun! And seeing what little banter we did with Zander I knew it would be hot! This book was so HOT HOT HOT!!!! From the beginning the chemistry that the two of them had was explosive! They were truly meant to be with each other. She helped him so much with his personal life, and he helped her break out of her “barbie” shell some! In addition to this being Hot AF, it really surprised me!!! There were a few plot twists, one MAJOR, and they were freaking fantastic!!!! I CANNOT wait to see what he writes next ❤ ❤

MTAM.jpgSo I can’t review JA without telling you all about Marie’s new book! Her newest book, More Than A Memory actually came out only a few days before. I’m at the point where words almost can’t describe how much I love Marie, and how much her work continues to take my breath away. More Than A Memory is just another reason to absolutely love this woman! Her work is SO phenomenal and perfect! With that said this book is a good bit different from other’s she’s written, a bit softer. I like this softer side of her.

The amount of emotions that are emoted from this book are endless. You have to be someone who can take on those emotions and be ready to live, feel, and breathe these emotions to read this book. I personally FLOVE emotional books and I’m finding that Marie is becoming the emotional queen! Olivia has such a profound past, that you almost need to take a step back and re-evaluate when you find out all of it. With that re-evaluation I had so much more respect for her than I did from the beginning. And Bryson, he is so beyond perfect. From the beginning he seems like such a sweetheart and then when you get to know him better, you fall down the rabbit hole with Olivia. How can you not? He’s so perfect and he’s the perfect person to help her become herself again. Olivia is a caterpillar that needs to bloom, and he helps to sew her cocoon. That makes him SUCH a beautiful human being and such an amazing man and partner.

riddickOne of my favorite categories in the romance world is MC, Kathy Coopsman has a new MC Series The Saint Series. The First book Riddick was so good!! . Kathy Coopsman… man is she good! I’ve only read one others of her, but it was equally amazing!! I LOVE MC books and second chance books, so this was the epitome of a great book! This one turned out so well. Riddick is so amazing, what he came from and made himself into, it’s all so admirable. And Cora, she survived everything, and found an amazing family on the way. And the fact that they find each other again, it’s so adorable in every way! I loved everything about these two. It’s a MUST READ!!!!


31330630Now we have another new author to me, Megan Smith. I read her book Surviving Regret. At first I was really on the fence about this story, but by the halfway point I was addicted. There are so many layers to this story, much like an onion, and with each layer I seemed to have a different emotion. I felt frustrated, deceived, hurt, ecstatic, lost, hopeful, heartbroken, it didn’t seem to end. THIS I absolutely loved! I LOVE an a good emotional book.

Now the characters, they are a mixed bag and some of them really take a getting used to. I adored Macy, could have punched Madison and Landon more often than not, and adored Heather and Cash. Macy was pretty fantastic throughout this whole book, her and Cash seemed to be the only “normal” of their bunch, or at least as “normal” they could have been in their circumstance. I was so beyond disappointed with Madison and Landon though, and as an extension with their relationships with the rest of their group. Macy was far too good to Landon, and Cash to Madison, and because of this they were both so burned. I almost hoped that Macy and Cash might end up together, but they are just the best of friends. I’m so glad they had each other. Landon though, he was who I was the most annoyed with. He just didn’t seem to care, and just let Macy continue to take his crap. The only person missing here is Alexa, she was the friend that was forgotten in all of this, but I think she is the most important character (Other than Steven) in this story. For that she’s so amazing, she helped to bring everyone back from the dead, including herself.

Another key to me liking this so much was how involved the sport of football was. I am a VERY big fan of sports books, and I absolutely love when you actually get to see the sport being played. I really felt like I was there watching the game with them most often!

I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to read more of Megan’s work

destiny-on-iceSo, ya’ll know how much I ABSOLUTELY LOVE sports book, especially hockey. Because of that I was sooo excited for this one! Destiny on Ice by SR Grey. Sports romances are my favorite genre, especially Hockey, so at this point I tend to be a little more critical. This one was so good!!!! So many sports romance don’t have much of the game in it, but this one did and that was the best part for me! They do such a good job of really incorporating the sport into the story, it’s so refreshing ❤

Now, the characters! Brent and Aubrey are so adorable! They have the perfect hate/love relationship and the taboo-ness of it is so enticing. You can’t help to see what might happen next! The heat that these two create when they are trying to stay away from each other was so intoxicating. And when they finally did my heart sighed.

I CANNOT WAIT to see what SR Grey comes up with next!!! This was so artfully written, there were a few plot twists that were so good and the chemistry between all of the characters was so good!!


We are down to the bottom two now and with Christmas upon us I had to read at least one Christmas Story, so I was lucky enough to get an ARC of the Christmas Anthology With Love At Christmas. This anthology was great! I can’t wait to go back and read more from the authors! Some of the stories really caught my heart and made me really appreciate everyone and every thing in my life ❤ I can’t read some more stories from these authors. Also all of the proceeds went toward VETSports!




Those Chance boys… they are quick! This time we have Jacob Chance and his continuation of his Delve series. This one was only a Novella, Tied. Ahhhhhhh this book!!!!!! This was the best novella for Derek and Kenna! I was pleasantly surprised many times and i couldn’t get enough!!!! I wish so bad it didn’t end!



the spire.jpgFinally we are down to the last one and this one was one of the most anticipated ones of the year. I have completely fallen in love with the Walshes from Kate Canterbury. The Spire finally released last week and we FINALLY got Erin’s story! This Book…. This book broke my heart and picked up the pieces and put it back together. That’s the best way to describe the story of Erin. Everything from this story really grabbed at me, Kate didn’t leave an emotion at bay. She really knows how to throw them all out there and wants to leave you wondering how you should feel. I really loved how Kate wrote the prologue and the rest of the story, she did this one a little differently and it REALLY draws you in! I love so much that Nick is a part of Erin’s life, I always wondered how he fit and I am so excited that it’s her. The insight to her relationship with her family is so amazing.

This is making me BEG for more Riley! I CANNOT wait until we see him again ❤

I hope you all have a great week and a great holiday!!!


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