Ramblings and Reviews: Part 1 12.19

So we meet again! I promised that I would keep it going, so here it goes! I’ve had only a little bit of time to read some personal reads and part 1 of the Arcs I received , but I’ve had some goodies ♥

~~♥~~ Personal Reads ~~♥~~

Sadly there were only two of these since we talked last, but they were goodies!



Unwritten by MC Decker: I really enjoyed this book. I think that it was a great combo of young adult and adult contemporary writing; I think that some people might not really like that aspect of this book, but I’m big on young adult so I really enjoyed it! I love that we got to see the past and present of Brooke and Rich and we got to take that journey with them. Brooke never stopped; she was always trying to preserve and find herself, and that was so admirable. The end of this book was so surprising!!! I CANNOT wait until the next book!



Echo by A Zavarello: This book was so addicting! I loved every minute of it!!! Brighton and Ryland take us on this crazy roller coaster, it’s the perfect bit of dark and sexy! These two are so enticing, you can’t help but wonder what will happen next. Brighton is so young and naive, and Ryland is so hard. They make such a good pairing. I’ve been trying to get back to reading the next book, Shiver. It’s just as good so far!!!

~~♥~~ Advanced Reader Copies: Part 1 ~~♥~~

boondocksThis first one was a book by an author I’ve never read, Boondocks by Casey Peeler. It was so good! This was more of a YA read, and I love YA books.  truly loved everything about this book. It’s been a while since I’ve read about a teen romance and this one was so good! Walker and Chauna were so adorable together! She was kind of like the “good girl” and he was the miss perceived “bad boy.” I think this made them fit together so well! There were parts that were so country and small town that really made this story so believable, it made you think that it’s possible that his were a true story. I also really enjoyed her relationship with all of the supporting characters I love how close she was to everyone at Boondocks and everything about her relationship with Logan. I really can’t wait to read more by Casey after reading this book

One Step Closer.jpgNext we have One Step Closer by Kahlen Aymes, this is a great step-sister romance. This story was a unique type of stepbrother/sister relationship, it was part of what made this story so great. From the beginning Wren and Caleb had an odd relationship. The further we delve into the story and further we get into their present we see so much develop. The circumstance that starts this book is one that is so ironic, the relationship that Caleb has with his father isn’t one that someone would really call a “relationship,” and it’s what caused the entire story to play out the way it did. From Jonesy to the wicked “stepmother” all of the characters are so important in this book. It really makes it all come together. This was a great story and I was so happy at how everything played out the way it did. There were many twists and turns, as well as a complete roller coaster of emotions. It was everything to make a great book!



So ya’ll should also know by now how much I adore Sloane Howell, I was so excited to get the book Tommy Boy, this was the prequel to the Panty Whisperer series.  I really loved the Panty Whisperer, it was so much fun but still had some great serious parts. Tommy Boy was the same way! I was so excited to get to see more of Tommy and how him and Joel used to be and Sloane did NOT disappoint!!! Tommy was a nerdy stud!!! CC was the best counter part for him too. I really hope that Sloane continues on with this series, we need more Tommy!!


hitmans-possessionMy love Tia Lewis has been one BUSY lady lately and she’s started a second series. She’s already almost onto book three, but I’ve only got the first under my belt so far. Hitman’s Possession is the first book in her Bad Boy Maffia series. This book is much darker than her others, but no less great! I don’t think Tia knows how to write anything that is less than exceptional!!!! At first I thought maybe this wasn’t my type of book but my about 1/4 of the way through I had to know what was happening next! I couldn’t put it down!!!! Liam was not at all what I expected and neither was Tess. I really thought she was going to be just some dumb broad, but she was so smart and tough!!!! I loved watching her and Liam become different people because of each other!

dirty-sexyOne of my favorite new series finds has been the Dirty Sexy series by Carly Philips and Erika Wild, so when I got offered an ARC of the last book in the series there was NO WAY I was saying no! I’ve read so many of Carly’s older books, but I’ve loved this pair up with Erika so much! I tore into this series and couldn’t get enough! This one is Dirty Sexy Sinner. I think when you put the words dirty and sexy in a title that itself is quite eye grabbing, add sinner, and I’m sold! What a surprise!!!!! I loved the entire surprise element about Jackson! I also love that he ended up with Tara! I always wondered who Tara might end up with, and I also wondered if she had a thing for Clay. Her reaction to Jackson was everything I hoped for! I loved their relationship, how it was fun, emotion and a little bit dirty. She’s such a part of their family that it was only right!

Runaway.jpgThis last one for the evening (no worries more to come tomorrow!) is from another author that is very new to me, and I wasn’t at all disappointed. I try really hard to agree to read books that really peak my interest, I never want to leave a bad review! This one is Runaway by Michelle Areaux. Everyone has that one person in their life who they trust with every inch of their being, for Hallie it was her best friend Jackson. These two were so inseparable and it was so adorable seeing them fall for each other. When you are young sometimes you have no clue what your feels are, well Hallie and Jackson got to speed this up a little bit. I felt so bad for Hallie during this whole process, her entire life changed in minutes, but I was so happy she had Jackson. I can’t wait to read more of Michelle’s work, I really had no idea what to expect and this was great

Thank you for letting me share with you loves! I’ll be back with part 2 tomorrow, Happy Monday!

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