Reviews & Ramblings: Audio Books 12.18

Hello my loves!!!!!! It has been WAYYYYY too long! I took on a little bit more than I could chew the last few months and only now have a little bit of time to breathe. I’ve found some amazing new authors and read some amazing new books. Because I have so much I’m going to stretch it out a little bit. I’m so excited to share, let’s start with Audio ♥

~~♥~~ Audio ~~♥~~

So ya’ll know just how much I love audiobooks and I went on a binge with audio on CD from the library, so I have quite a few amazing audio books to share.

invisible.jpgFirst we have Invisible by LA Remnicki, I read this for the girls over at Words Turn Me On blog.  I really enjoyed this book! I love how it was more than just a romance story, and everything was different than any sort of “typical” romance story. There was a thriller side to this book and I really enjoyed that! It was a great combo of the genre’s I like! I Also like how we got to see the background of Jax And Lainey’s story, it was so in depth and a great background to the present day.

Lainey is someone who every girl can admire. From the beginning I liked her, she was smart, she was blind to how beautiful she is, and she’s courageous. She’s everything a girl wants to be! BUT she was trying to be invisible, that I hated. I know there’s a reason, but I felt so bad that she had to do it. When she met Jax I was so relieved for her. He really gave her a reason to show off who she really was. For that Jax was such a hero, he had no clue he did it until a horrible event happened between the two of them, but he was definitely a hero. Even without Jax being that hero, Lainey was so great! To become who she did, and do as much as she did for herself, it’s inspiring.

Jax, in addition to being a hero, was really more than I expected. I really thought he would be the dumb jock that just let her be in the background, but he wasn’t. He truly shocked me. When I found out that he grew up to be a detective, I was so proud of him. Funny how I was proud of a character of a book, but I truly am.

LA did such a great job with this book. It really was the perfect combo of romance and thriller. I think she did such a great job with her transitions between the past and present, they were so well done. I’m really excited to read more of her work. And Trevor was a great narrator, he did such a great job with the emotions and the different voices.

This next one is actually a series, the Inn Boonsboro series by Nora Roberts. I’ve always adored her. I’m on book 3 right now, I cannot wait to share that one with you guys!!

the-next-alwaysThe Next Always Claire & Beckett: I absolutely loved this book on CD!!! I’ve always loved Nora’s work, but there’s something about listening to it on audio. You really get to get so much more out of the book. I’ve always been a very emotional reader, and this book was so good for that. I was constantly reacting, whether it was anger, sadness or happiness, they were all vividly provoked emotions.

I really love that this is a small town with a great community, I always love that in books. And Claire and Beckett are such prominent townsmen that it’s adorable to see them fall. I really love how he was with her boys, it seemed so perfect that he was also one of three boys. His bothers were great with them too. I loved everything about this and am super excited to start the next book!

the last boyfriend.jpgThe Last Boyfriend Avery and Owen: OH EM GEEEEE. I Was SO excited that Avery and Owen were the next couple, it was so fate-like! Owen was the one she was the closest with and the one she knew the best, and with the history they shared it was so fateful! This book encompassed so much about the whole group too, which was so wonderful! We got to see the Inn finished and functional, got to see more of what is going on with Lizzie, and we got to see the wedding. It was SUCH a great companion to the first book. Also I listened to this book, I can NOT say enough about how amazing MacLeod is! His voice is so perfect for this series, it’s such a great manly voice and he does the different voices for the different brothers and other characters so well! I can’t wait to listen to more of his work!



The Perfect Hope Hope and Ryder: This book was really everything I hoped it would be and more! I knew from the time they met that Hope and Ryder’s relationship was going to be special, and man was it!

Hope really got to start over and make a new life for herself, but I think a lot of that was because of her reaction to Ryder. From the moment she saw him, back in book one, we knew there was this crazy spark. Lizzie really had fun with these two, it made their story that much more entertaining. I loved seeing Ryder fall like he did, he was always so gruff I knew his story would truly be special.


Right now I’m on the third book in the Evolve Series by SE Hall. She’s such an amazing author and so far I’ve absolutely loved every single book I’ve read of hers.

emerge.jpg Emerge Laney and Dane: I  absolutely adored every minute of this book. Laney was so adorable and really had no idea how amazing she was, Dane was the opposite of what I expected of him and Evan sort of disappointed me.

Laney, from the very beginning, had me hooked. She was the tomboy with an attitude, and who doesn’t love that? And Evan, he was the tomboys BFF. Their story was one that really grabs you, and I really excited that they live happily ever after. BUT SE really put a wrench in our works. When two people know nothing but each other, when they move out of that realm I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to function. Laney and Evan really had that problem, they didn’t know how to live without each other, until they did. Laney really took me by surprise when she went to college and in the best ways. And Evan didn’t, he really disappointed me. I don’t think I ever really rooted for him, but I was still sad to see that he wasn’t who I thought he was.

Now Dane, and the rest of her new friends, I loved them so much! I loved everything about them including how they helped to change and evolve Laney. I CANNOT wait to keep reading!!!



Embrace Evan and Whitley: I really didn’t think SE Hall could get any more perfect, and then I listened to this book. I loved the story of how Laney found herself and Dane, but this story was just as amazing in it’s own/different way. I was so sad for Evan in Emerge, but his story in this was so good! I love her writing so much! I laugh, I cry, I get angry, just everything! Really, I laughed more than anything, and man were there some funny parts! I love this series so much, I can’t wait for Entice!




My last audio book is Dark Witch by Nora Roberts. I’m so sad I haven’t had a chance to get the next book yet, but soon! I absolutely loved this book! I loved every single bit of it! I love that the family came back together, and how they all get along so well. They took in Iona immediately, and I love that. Family is so importantly, definitely to this family. Iona is so empowering and her family is so supportive of her. I can’t wait to read what comes next!



Tomorrow will be personal reads, have a great Sunday!!!

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