Reviews & Ramblings 10.21

Hello loves!!! I’m so sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted one of these. I’ve been in a “reading cave” opposed to the writing kind. I singed up for a few too many ARCS (Advanced Reader Copies) this month and I’m slowly catching up. So for some non-book related news. I’M A GODMOTHER AGAIN!!! My wonderful future sister-in-law and brother asked me to be the GM for my beautiful little CC. Look how they asked me!! ♥ How can anyone resist that face??? I SURE CAN’T!! I Think I’m doomed ♥


            Now, let’s talk some books! (Rubs hands together and does an evil laugh LOL). I have read so many great books so far this month!!! I’ve read a little bit of everything it’s been great! I added a few books to my favorites of the year from this month too from authors I hadn’t previously read. Without further adieu, the books!!

            This first book is by Tia Lewis. I absolutely adore her and I was really excited to see her try a new genre and success! This one is called Threat. It’s the first n there Blood Riders MC Series, I’ve got Reveal (book #2) waiting for me on my kindle.

threatTia is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. I’ve read three books of hers now and I think that they just keep getting better! She’s such a well rounded writer that I think if her name is on it, no matter the genre, I will 100% be excited to read it. The fact that this is an MC book is even more exciting! MC is quickly becoming a favorite genre of mine, and this one was so good! I love when they have some nitty gritty in them, and Threat definitely had it’s fair share of Nitty and Gritty ❤ I like how this club wasn’t afraid to show they were definitely not the good guys, it made it so much more real and enticing.

Nicole (aka Bree) was so great in this! She is such a sassy chick and she is determined to figure out what happened to her father. You could tell she wasn’t expecting to meet someone she might like, I don’t even think she expected to find someone near her age in the club, but along came Drake. Tia’s description of Drake makes him seem like the bad boy that ever girl melts over, and boy did Nikki melt. She held herself together though, she didn’t let her bond with him hold her back, she still held her own. Drake, on the other hand, he was so weary of her at first, but then fell to her spell the same way.

SUPER excite to see this is a series, I can’t wait to see who falls next!!!

            Next we got one of the amazing Chance brothers. I have one from each of them this time around. First we have Love A BossThis is the second book from Logan Chance, the follow up to Like A Boss. Everyone was so excited for the sequel and we really got what we wanted!


I could not wait for this book to come out, we were REALLY left hanging at the end of Like A Boss! Logan, he did not disappoint us with the follow up.

At the end of Like A Boss we knew something had happened that shifted things, but were didn’t know the whole story. I like how Logan really made us work to figure out what happened, we received little pieces of the puzzle throughout the entire story. Penny is such a great person and I know there had to be more to how she ended things with Theo. And poor Theo, he was so tortured!!!

I absolutely love how the story played out though, we had a few plot twists and the ending was not at all what I had expected. I’m so glad things worked out how they did and I can’t wait to see what Logan has up his sleeve next!

            For this next book I was part of the blog tour for Enticing Journey. I paired up with them a few months ago to help do some promo. This one is How to Catch An Heiress By Natalie Rios. It was so unexpected for me, I loved it!


So to be honest, from the title I wasn’t super excited to read this. I really thought this would be a scheming story where Anthony was going try and blind side Liz. BUT It totally wasn’t!!! I became SOOO addicted tot his book! I even snuck a peek at work a few times to keep reading.

I could tell from the beginning that Liz was going to be a tough cookie, then she met Anthony. He seemed confident, but in a normal type way. They seemed to hit it off right away. From there though it went down hill for a little bit. I mean, waking up together in Vegas… that’s a bit rough. With all that happened I admire these two so much!!! I love that Liz was just going through the flow, but they really started to become perfect for each other immediately. I really felt like I was a bystander, not like I was reading from their POV. It was neat that she was able to make it so that I felt like I was watching the movie.

            I think ya’ll know my love for sports novels by now, and I hope ya’ll know how much I love the Pucked series from Helena Hunting. Well I was lucky enough to get my hands on an ARC of Pucked Under. This book did NOT disappoint!!! I really LOVE Randy and Lilly so this was such a treat!


This is by far one of my favorite series, and Randy and Lily are quickly becoming my favorite couple. I think of the couples their relationship is the most “real” and us readers can really connect with them. These two are just so hysterical and everything about them in this book was great! I also loved how we got to see the whole group together and how they interact as couples. Violet, per usual, really makes them hanging out so much more entertaining than any one person is on their own. There was a really nice mix of serious and sexy in this book too. Helena always does a great job with that. This book was so much fun and it was a great “in-between” for the books. I cannot wait to see what Helena has next up her sleeve!!!



           So next we have another sports story, this time it’s Soccer, Match Fit by Amelie S Duncan. Amalie reached out to me on the blog and asked me to read and review for her. I’m so glad she reached out to me!

Match Fit.jpg

I really, really loved this book!!! Sports is one of my favorite genre’s, so my one complaint is that we didn’t get more soccer. With that said, I still loved the story!!! Everyone loves a bad boy and I always admire a girl who is super ambitious.

Brooke was such a delight to read about! I love that she came from money, but she was determined to make it on her own like her mother did. She’s so admirable! And Dylan, sigh, he’s so dreamy. I love that he’s this “bad boy” but Brooke is a little bit of his kryptonite. I really like when the big guys fall! From the beginning I was addicted to him, he’s not afraid to say it as it is, and knows what he wants. The persistence he has towards Brooke is so adorable! Everything about them is so adorable.

I can’t wait to read more of Amelie’s work from this!!

           hollerThis next book, The Holler by Harper L Jameson, was one that was very different for me. I’ve read a good bit of paranormal romance, but this one was much more spiritual related versus the normal paranormal. It was a great break in what I usually read.

This book was nothing like I’d ever read. Unfortunately I haven’t read the first book, but it didn’t hinder the second book at all. I loved the tribe culture and how it mixed in with the people of the town. There was so much doing on, it was so exciting. Harper did a great job of creating a truly unique and enjoyable series. This really is unlike anything else you might find out there. It was very old school and spiritual in the idea of the treble, but she brought on a great paranormal and a slight romance to it that was a great combination. I can’t wait to read more about the series!

           I am really bad at looking to see if books are parts of series, and I’ve been so thankful that the ones I’ve read worked really well as a stand-alone. This next book, Tempting Tempo by Michelle Mankin was one of those. It’s part of the Tempist series. This book is a music genre book and that’s another favorite of mine. I actually did a video on this one, check it out here!


I haven’t read the rest of this series but I thought this book was great! It worked so well as a stand alone, but I can’t wait to read the other books!!

Sager and Blue were so amazing, Michelle did a great job of bringing real life aspects into their relationship and I love that about it. Sager is the rocker, but he isn’t the stereotype that people think of, and Blue is the complete opposite of what everyone thinks about her. They make such a great pair. I also really love how much his family is a part of his life. King is such a great friend and “brother” to him, and I love how close he is with is Abuelita.

There’s so much that goes in in the book and Michelle did some really amazing plot twists! There are so many places where I least expect something to happen and am constantly surprised at how it turns out. Can’t wait to read the rest!!!

           We are back to sports! The LOVELY Kristen Hope Mazzola had her release of Hat Trick and I was so lucky and received an ARC of it from Social Butterfly PR!


Oh how I love a good sports book, especially hockey. I was so excited to read this one too!! Kristen did such a good job of actually incorporating the game in the book!! We don’t often get enough of the actual sport in the books, so that was great to read!

I absolutely loved all of the characters. Brayden and Myla went through so much together and I loved how close they were as brother and sister. Often we don’t see that close of a relationship, it was refreshing to ee that!  He truly didn’t mind his sister living with him which was great. And Gavin, poor guy had it rough until he found Myla. I really loved this whole story and I can’t wait to read more of Kristen’s work! Can’t say too much more without giving more away, check it out!!!!


           These last two were so amazing. This one is Constellation by Jennifer Locklear. This is the first book in her Constellation series and I cannot wait for book #2!! Make sure to keep an eye out, I think I’m going to do a video review on this one too!


From the beginning Jennifer had me absolutely hooked. The very first scene we are put right in the middle of a situation and it just makes you think and wonder. Your brain feels like it might explode because you want to know what’s happening. THAT makes for a great book, THAT makes you want to keep reading. She did such a good job of enticing her reader with this one. From the very beginning I was going to beg for more, I need to know what going on and where the story was going to take us.

Now I’m not a reader that predicts what’s going to happen, because I honestly don’t want to know. I want to be surprised, but I think even if you had guessed what might happen, you would 100% be wrong. This entire book was like that. As soon as you think you have it figured out, you turn a corner, and then another corner.

Kathleen is a woman that is so admirable, and when she falls for someone at work you almost feel bad. She’s the daughter to the owner of the company, it can’t possibly look good to be dating an employee, but at the same time, can you help you fall for? No, no you can’t. This is how her scenario starts. There’s a line where you ask, can I do this? She crossed that line so many times in this book, that you instantly connect with her and want to help her make these decisions. And Jack, he’s such an amazing person. An amazing dad and friend, it’s as if he were created for Kathleen. But when tragedy happens, what does he do? What most men do, he doesn’t think. He’s another character that I just wanted to shake at some points. But their interactions still continued to surprise me.

One of my favorite parts about this book is how Kathleen is persevering, which would be incredibly hard. She’s persevering and trying to mend her relationship with her family. All of this is just icing on the cake in this book. Everything about it has you begging for more, especially the ending. I cannot wait for book two to see where Jennifer takes us with the story of Kathleen and Jack ❤

           Next on the list, also a favorite, was How to be Someone Else by Rachel Del. Rachel reached out to me on my Facebook page for the blog and I was instantly hooked by the blurb and asked her to count me in! I will have a view review up on this one this weekend!

htbseI have a soft spot for Penny, no one deserves to go through what she went through. Parents going through a divorce is so hard, and in Penny’s case I think it is 10 times worse. How she deals with it though? That drove me insane. In this book I loved Penny just as much as a I hated Penny. She was so insightful and real, but at the same time I hated that. The realness of this book was earth shattering. Typically when reading you feel like you are in a fantasy land. Rachel did such a good job capturing the essence of this story that it’s almost too real. For this reason it is absolutely one of my favorite books of the year. I could not put it down. I actually would sneak and read a little bit here and there while I was at work so I could finish it.

Now Alex, her best friend. He’s the best friend that every girl needs, but how do you not fall for that? Every girl needs her best friend and her lover to be one person, that’s the best part about a relationship. Yet, these two are in the friend zone. I felt for him throughout this whole story. It would really be hard to see your best friend go through all of this turmoil and not be able to help. To not have your help be accepted. Sometimes you just need to be there for someone, even if it means doing something your uncomfortable with, and that was Alex. He was there. And for this reason, 80% of this book I wanted to absolutely shake Penny.

I cannot wait for you guys to read this and see what you all think. I loved the whole book so much!

           Last one on this list is from the other Chance Brother. Delve, by Jacob Chance, just released yesterday! I absolutely LOVE Jacob’s work and can’t wait to read what he has next! This is his third release and I may already be slightly obsessed =D


Jacob, your writing is so amazing. In fact, I think I have fallen in love with you because of it. You always use the perfect amount of everything to entice us to keep reading. There’s funny parts, serious parts, sexy parts, we really get a well-rounded book. I can’t seem to get enough of this series!<br><br>We didn’t see a whole lot of Derrick other than knowing how loyal of a friend he was, and we got to see a lot more of Kenna in the last book. I was so excited to see a best friend/little sister romance! I LOVE these kind! It’s a great turn for Jacob to introduce another kind of romance. Derrick is so yummy, he’s the perfect bad boy. And Kenna, she’s the hot independent woman. Who doesn’t love a great independent heroine?? I Sure do!!! They were such a great pair.

I loved the twists too, there were so many things that kept us thinking. Lots of drama mixed in with the sexy to really even things out. CANNOT wait for more!!!

Well loves, I think I’ve been long winded enough. Have a great weekend!!



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