Ramblings and Reviews 9.30 <3

Hello loves!!!! I’M BACKKK!!!! I was just on vacation visiting my beautiful baby niece and I’ve finally caught up some and wanted to say hi! It’s been a while since I’ve done an update so I thought I’d share some of my recent reads and reviews ❤


Isn’t she the most precious thing on earth?


First, let’s talk about my “for fun” reads this month. Sadly there were only three, an two of them were “read” via audible. I finally finished Fifty Shades via audio around the middle of the month, so next up on the list is Dirty Sexy Cuffed by Carly Phillis and Erika Wilde, this is book 3 in the Dirty Sexy Series. I’ve listened to this whole series, it’s great on audio!

cuffedThese ladies really know how to write! I started this serious out of order with Mason & Katrina in Dirty Sexy Inked, it was so good! It was funny, it was emotion, and sexy. Then I read Clay & Samantha and it was the same, but a little more dark. Now reading Levi and Sarah it just gets better! Carly & Erika are so good at bringing all of the emotions to the table. They also do such a good job describing the draw that these men have to the women in their lives. When you reading a book these two things are so key.

I’ve been so curious about Levi, we didn’t see much of him in Inked and just a little about him in Saint, but finally we got his story! I love how the beginning started, with him pining over Sarah. Levi was so persistent when it came to Sarah that you couldn’t help but laugh, and then we he finally wore her down I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to see how their sparks would fly! And Sarah, she’s gone through so much before she met Levi. With his past and her past they really were great at helping to heal each other.

The audio on this one, much like the others was so great too! I really enjoyed Sophie Eastlake, she’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine

I can’t wait to see what comes next! (Book 4 comes out In November <4)

Next Up, Dare to Take by Carly Phillips (see a trend here?), this is book 6 in the Dare to Love series (another trend? LOL). Oddly enough this is another Sophie Eastlake audible, she’s been popular lately and I really like her voice!

dare-to-takeI love the Dare series to much, really, I love everything Carly writes. This book in the series I listened to on Audible. The narrator, Sophie Eastlake, was such a perfect voice for this book. The topic of this book, falling for the sister/brother’s best friend, is another one that I absolutely love! There’s something so taboo about it and that makes you want to read it so much more.

Ella and Tyler were two characters that we have gotten to know throughout the Dare series, so at this point we are pretty familiar with them, but I had no clue they had this background problem. From the very beginning we get to see both sides of their story, and I love how similar they are, yet they don’t realize it. The Dare family has been through so much with their father, that it’s so nice to see them all get to meet their match. Tyler was the last of his “immediate” siblings to meet his pair and I’m so happy it was Ella. And Ella, she’s been going through so much and has never let someone help her.

Can’t wait to see what’s next in this series!

So this month I only participated in one of my group reads for my Marie James reading group. We read Stuck-Up Suit by Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland. We’ve read a few of Penelope’s books and we read another pairing of theirs Cocky Bastard

suitJust like all of their other combo books, I completely devoured this book. Vi and Penelope are soooo amazing together! I don’t think either of these ladies can make a bad book!

Soraya & Graham are such great characters! I LOVE how much spunk and sass Soraya has, and I love how much Soraya calms Graham. These two have such a torrid past that they work so well together. And then when something insane happens (a plot twist that rocks the boat A LOT) they are a team. These two were so perfect for each other. And while finding out, we had so much fun with them in the process! Their books are always so funny and witty, that they really keep you on your toes. This book had quite a few serious bits, but it’s really broken up so that we don’t get to feel one emotion for too long.

And speaking of plot twists, holy cowabunga, were there plot twists. I LOVE that they do this! It makes it so much more fun to read!!!

Now, we have the ARC’s I had for the rest of this month. I’ve been one busy gal reading and reviewing. My October, it’s looking even more insane! (LOL). So First Up I wanted to share again my reviews on Retrieval and Transfer by Aly Martinez. This was the Retrieval Duet, and it was the first I’ve read of hers. MAN, what was I thinking? Her writing is so good!!! She could easily become a favorite of mine! So I’m just going to link you guys to my posts because I already posted my reviews ❤

This month I got to read a really cool book, a type I haven’t read before. I read Baited Truth by Jenn Hype. This was an action romance, and that was a first of sorts for me. It was great!!

c2e4b-cover-ebook-baitedtruth-rc4I loved this book so much! I’ve never read anything of Jenn’s but it sounded great. I grew up on movies from the James Bond series and Indiana Jones, so this genre was one I was super excited to read. I really love action movies and this was the best combination of action and romance.

There were times were you laughed, where you wanted to throw things, where you were panting, you got a little of everything. Those are all things we always ask for in a book! I love that it was almost fateful that Grant and Brooke ended up together too. Brooke is such a strong woman and she’s so tough, it’s really admirable. And Grant, he’s the touch bad boy that all girls want. They make such a great team, working and on a personal level. I can’t wait to read more of Jenn’s work!


Next up, we have my favorite genre, sports! Stadium of Lights by Tia Lewis, is her second release and she did NOT disappoint!!

stadium-of-lightsI Completely devoured this book, it was so good!!! Tia is such a great writer, I just don’t want to stop reading! I was this way with Draw Play too, I just can’t get enough. I can kind of relate to Abby so I really liked her, I like how she over came everything and is doing what she loves. She isn’t afraid to be one of the guys either. And Max, he seems like this playboy, but the moment Abby comes around he changes. Their interactions together are so strong and emotion filled, it’s really enticing. I love that we get to see a little sports action too, sports books are my absolute favorites.

Tia, keep writing like this and you will have some really happy fans! I love your work and I can’t wait for more ❤ ❤ ❤

Maker sure to check out video review!

Recently, I joined a review team for Jo Raven, and this month her book Candy Boys came out. This one was HOT, HOT, HOT!

candy-boysEverything about this book was so amazing! As a reader/blogger I love that the main character is a blogger who is know for her writing, even more that her writing becomes her reality. Doesn’t everyone want that in life??? Candy totally had the ideal life and it was so much fun to read!!! This book was deep, complex, fun, hot and super sexy!

I love Candy so much, she’s so strong and smart and not afraid of anything. And then Joel and Jethro (which I love all of the names) come into the picture. They are so different and it’s really neat to see them unfold as friends and how the three of them come together. Jo does a great job of really bringing in details of her characters and she definitely didn’t shy away from details with all three of the ones in this one ❤

This next book is one that I was completely blown away by. The Fabulist by Dawn L Chiletz, After reading and reviewing Can’t You See I really bonded with Dawn. And because she is SO amazing she did a shout out to the blog in this book!!! So if you guys read this, AND YOU SHOULD =D, make sure to check out the very end!

the-fabulistI cannot express how much I absolutely love Dawn. This book was everything I could have hoped for. When I saw the cover I was immediately excited to see what the book was about. After reading it, it was even better!

I can totally relate to Sam, she’s spunky and confident. She’s such a great friend to Carmen. I love that they even each other out so well. And Carmen, she’s so loyal and really knows how to help Sam cheer up and aid her. The whole idea of being on a game show is something I would never dream of doing, but I love how Dawn put it into a book. There are so many awful reality tv shows and I think she did a great job making the situation one that people can relate to and wouldn’t hate.

I really loved her connection to the show through Hogan though! Hogan was the kind of guy that I think most girls would fan themselves over, but Sam was the one that had the guts to tell him. Who could resist spunk like hers? The story of Sam and Hogan was amazing. I was sucked in from the beginning.

Without giving too much away, if you like minor drama, real life people, and forbidden romance, this is 100% the book for you!

This month was I was lucky enough to read two sports novels, the second one was a race car novel, The Curve by Noelle Bodhaine. I grew up watching race cars and I love race car movies (ones like Days of Thunder, not movies like Talladega Nights LOL)


I really enjoy sports books and I’ve always enjoyed racing movies. I didn’t realize how much I would love a book about racing too! Their entire lifestyle is so intoxicating!

I loved being able to see Makayla as a child and how she grew up with racing and then the stark contrast to when she was an adult. I usually don’t like when an author skips so much time but with her story it was so perfectly done. And Kelley, I knew from the beginning he would be important but I didn’t realize the level that they would be on. The two of them have the absolute best chemistry and we really got to see how it developed in such a gradual manor. Their reunion was so perfect too. Their relationship started out so taboo, but ended up so perfect.  Also the supporting characters are just as great. The way she describes his aunt Rose is fantastic. Each of these characters gets just as much detail as the main two characters.


So for this next book I got to read a book from one of my favorite authors and it’s the sequel to the first book I had ever read of hers. Teach Me Like That by Marie James is the second book to Love Me Like That. This will definitely be a favorite of the year!


I absolutely love everything Marie does, and she did not disappoint with TMLT. Love Me Like That was the first book of hers I had ever read and I could not wait to read Kegan’s story. Kadin and London’s story was such an emotional one, and we only got a small glimpse of Kegan in their story. But we knew he was great just from the little bit we did see.

From the very beginning we get to see just how much Kegan loves his family, even though Kadin’s little girls may scare him (which I still find hysterical), he agrees to help take care of them because he cares that much for them. Insert Lexi, she’s amazing with children, but has no family. She’s the perfect counterpart for Kegan in every way. It’s just so fitting that these two ended up together, And I love that Lexi tried to fight it. Kegan though, he didn’t give up. Their romance seemed a little taboo, and that is one of my favorite topics.

Another thing I love about Marie’s writing, is how the entire book has a connection to the previous book. She doesn’t make the second book in the series just a book about another couple. Kadin and London are in this entire book, and a good bit of other characters from LMLT. I can’t wait to see who is next

Becoming a blogger in the indie book community I’ve come across so many amazing authors, next we have Tempting Eden by Celia Aaron. I’ve read the two Cleat books that she’s written with Sloane Howell, but the only stand-alone of her’s I’ve read was Kicked and I loved it so much. Well, she definitely DIDN’T Disappoint with this guy!


Celia does not disappoint!!!! This is one of those great taboo type romances, and it’s a multi-layer taboo to boot!!! She really knows how to entice you and keep you begging for more. I read this in one night because I could NOT put it down!!!

Eden (Ms. Rochester) is so tough and beautiful, shes a ball buster for sure! From the moment we meet her we know this, but we also see her instant reaction to Jack. These two have such a hot chemistry, and they keep it held back for so long. Each of them have a rocky past, but this is part of the reason that they are so perfect for each other. There are so many layers to this book, that as you peel back each one, you get further and further into their depths. This is why this is a book that you can’t put down! As we learn more and more about their past and more about their present we get more and more involved.


Ok guys, stay with me, we are in the home stretch! Lastly, we have Destiny Rocked by Kacey Hamford, this one was a rockstar/childhood best friend romance, it was such a great combo!!


One of my favorite topics is “the best friend” stories, and this one was such a good one! Not only were they best friends, they had been best friend for OVER 10 years!! It always makes me laugh when people are such boneheads about these things, but men are always fairly oblivious LOL. ‘

Scarlet was so awesome in this! I loved that she’s a superstar, but she’s so down to earth. I also LOVE the fact that her best friend, Ashton, is her body guard. No one better to take care of you than your best friend, right? Well their story is so great, I really like how Kacey did a crescendo type of build up in their relationships.

Plot twists, holy plot twists! There were quite a few, and it really helped keep us on our toes. This was the first book I’ve read by Kacey and it was so good!


Ok Loves, I promise that is it from me for now. I’m going to try and keep posting every two weeks or sooner that way my ramblings don’t get too long. Goodbye for now loves!

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