Ramblings and Reviews 9.5

Hello loves!!! How was everyone’s (well those from the US) extended holiday weekend?  I had a book filled weekend, I did have to work but I got lucky that I didn’t have any early shifts so I could do some late night reading. I finished two books over the weekend. So since I’ve read so much in the past week I thought I’d share some of my reviews. I haven’t done a review post in a while, thought it’d be a nice edition! I have links to Good Reads in all of the titles so you can find the book in your preferred format =]


First up is Stepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward.

Stepbrother dearestPenelope Ward has officially become a one-click author. There is not a single book of hers that I haven’t absolutely loved. I finished Neighbor Dearest last week and quickly found out that there are a few characters in this that corresponds with ND and also Roommate. I LOVE that she intertwines these characters but each book is a complete stand alone! She’s GENIUS! I was so curious about Greta and Elec from reading ND that I was super excited to get to read this immediately.

Both of these characters are pretty complex, and I LOVE that! They have so many layers to them and as you read you get to peel them back slowly. At first Greta is so innocent, but then you get to hear these thoughts of hers and you have to laugh at just how not innocent she things. And Elec, he’s so unique and he tries so hard to be a hardass, but we get to slowly see the real Elec.

And their story together, it’s that forbidden fruit that really draws you in. It’s like a train wreck or a natural disaster that you can’t help but watch. You want to turn away, but you can’t. We know there is this amazing story starting to build, but somewhere there has to be a downfall. Unlike some of her other work, this one tends to be a little more on the sad side. There are many ups and downs versus are larger crescendo to the doom that you know is going to happen. But, the best part, their feelings for each other never change throughout the whole book. Each of them does what they think is best at the time, and they don’t let it over power them and they don’t forget.

Next is one that was recommended by a bestie, On Paper by Shae Scott. This is my first read of hers and I’m totally in love with her work.

On PaperOh. My. God. This book wrecked me in such a good way!!!! The story of Quinn and Keaton is something that every female reader wants to read. It’s just so perfect, but imperfect and sloppy and true! We don’t all want that fairytale, we want real romance. And Shae gave us that. She gave us the nitty gritty along with the highest of highs. Her writing is so perfect and her style with the long crescendo. It’s all so perfect ❤️

I think every reader has this fantasy about the male author, and this book is exactly that. BUT it isn’t in the way that most of us think/dream about. Keaton was this cocky author, that although Quinn enjoyed his writing, she really was put off by him. And as with most men, this drew him in. His pull to her was adorable and she tried so hard to resist. No girl wants to just be another notch in someones post. As an avid reader I think the author/reader relationship really drew me in and made this book that much more special.

Now we have the Maxwell brothers. This is a series that my book bestie have talked about a lot but I never was willing to buy. These books are all on KU and I now have KU and have been able to read them ❤ These are by SB Alexander.

dare to kiss maxwell 1First we have Dare to Kiss Maxwell Book #1: This Book…. why did I wait so long to read Susan’s work? I really could kick myself… I finished this book in two days, not sure why it even took me that long. This book is a little bit dark, a little bit sex and chalk full of all sorts of emotions.

Lacey Robinson is such a bad ass chick. She is a baseball player, how awesome is that!!! From the very beginning I love her, for that alone, then when she meets Kade we fall even more in love. I totally have a girl crush on miss Lacey! Now Kade, at the beginning he’s so arrogant that I’m not sure if I like him. But then he can’t stay away and he’s drawn to Lacey, this draws me to him. Their relationship is something that becomes so complex and I completely became addicted to it. The intensity that they feel toward each other is amazing, and his entire family takes her in like she’s one of their own. His brothers are awful and hysterical at all at the same time. Without giving too much away, he’s broody, arrogant, protective, hot and loving. Things that make the best kind of alpha!

dare to dream maxwell 2Dare to Dream Maxwell Book #2: I could not wait to start this book and I couldn’t wait to see where Lacey and Kade’s story took us. Lacey has had so much to deal with between school, her mother/sister’s murders and her PSTD that I couldn’t wait to see what came next. Kade and his brothers are so protective of her that I knew she’d be OK. There’s so much more emotion and turmoil in this book. We see many ups and downs and we get to see her relationship with the supporting characters really grow. We also get to see another side of her father and her past. The best part of this book is we get a really in-depth view of Kade’s feelings. We see so much of his side of the feelings that are going on and it’s so awesome! It’s nice to see inside of the man’s brain and to know that the woman isn’t the only one feeling so many emotions. He is such a true alpha too, he’s so protective and loves her so fiercely.

After all of the trouble that Lacey and Kade had the end of this story the ending was amazing. This was the great ending to an amazing story. The range of emotion and twists and turns, it was great!

Dare to Love maxwell 3Dare to Love Maxwell Book #3:I COULD NOT WAIT for Kelton’s story! After reading so much about Lacey and Kade I couldn’t wait to see this big guy fall!!! Kelton and all of the Maxwell boys are such amazing guys but they all have this really rough facade. We got to see little glimpses of how sweet and amazing Kelton could be in the other two books, but we really got to see him shine here. And Lizzie, man she really took me by surprise. When we first got introduced to her in the beginning all I thought was “man, she’s going to be trouble” and she was, but not in the way I thought. Her problems in this book were such an interesting twist, and then how she intertwined with the past of the Maxwell’s, it was great. And the amount of emotion while riding these lows and highs.

THIS is why Susan is so wonderful, she really keeps us on our toes and swooning for these couples. I can’t wait to read about the other boys!!!

Now we are onto a portion I’m really excited about. I finished up two ARC’s (Advanced Reader Copies). I’m going to include info on when they will release as well as the Good Reads links so you can pre-order if you’d like and if it’s available ❤

QuiverFirst we have Quiver by Jacob Chance, this is book #2 in his Quake series. The release date is Thursday September 8th. My Review: This book really exceeded my expectations!! Quake was great, but this was even better!! This is only Jacob’s second book and I loved it!!! There was so much to this, and he really honed in on us feeling every single emotion. I wanted to cry, I wanted to throw things, I smiled, I laughed, I cringed, I really felt absolutely everything! Kyle and Janny have such a strong connection that you can’t help but feel so much for the two of them at the beginning of this. I wasn’t really sure how he would start this off after the major cliff hanger at the end of Quake, but it really did start off as if we had just turned the page and began a new chapter.

This was such a strong time in Janny and Kyle’s lives, we got to see how they reacted to being apart and how sweet it was to get back together. Then Jacob throws in some drama and crime, it was all such a great combination! There were many twists and turns and it was never what I expected the entire time. Cannot wait for Delve!!!

Here’s the goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30763635-quiver

Love RestoredNext, we have one of my favorites, Carrie Ann Ryan. This book is the first in the Gallagher brother’s series, Love Restored. This is a spin-off series to the Montgomery Ink series. Release date for this bad boy is Tuesday, September 13th.  My Review: The Montgomery Ink series is my favorite so far of Carrie’s and I was super excited to hear that she was going to extend this series with the Gallagher’s! We got such a small glimpse of them in Ink Enduring, but any brother of Jake’s has to be AMAZING right?! Well, we did not get disappointed in Love Restored! Graham was every thing we want to see in an Alpha man, he’s got the tattoos, piercings and the beard, LOVE him instantly. Also from Ink Enduring we got to meet Blake and I was super excited to hear her story.

Carrie did an amazing job joining the two stories, she did a great job of separating the two stories, but still having some of the Montgomery’s involved. I love that everyone at Montgomery Ink are such a big part of Blake’s life, they are really there for her when she needs them. I also love how they helped to play cupid, it was so adorable. Graham’s brothers were great that way too, they are all so close and really help each other out.

I loved everything about this story, I loved that we previously knew the character but didn’t know much about them. I loved that we got to see so many emotions out of both of them and we got the plot twists to go with it. It made me really want to read more from the Gallagher men and more of the Montgomery Clan. Amazing job with the new series Carrie!!

Here’s the goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26496433-love-restored. Also the first book in the Montgomery Ink series is free right now, get Delicate Ink here!

Let me know how you guys like this format, I think it’s a little more informative than just giving links. Have a great week!!! ❤


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