Weekly Ramblings 8.26

Hello loves! I Hope everyone is doing well on this wonderful Friday Evening. Does anyone else feel like the year of 2016 just started yesterday? Since when did it become the end of August??!? Time is flying by me like crazy! This last July marked my 9 year mark in Pittsburgh too, which seems TOTALLY insane. I feel like it was only a few years ago that I moved here! But then I realized, in the 9 years that I’ve been living in Pittsburgh (6 years of that all year round) that I’ve somehow NEVER BEEN TO THE LIBRARY! 😱 I ended up having the day off today (which is TOTALLY unheard of for me to have a week day off) so I went! I am so in love with that place! It’s one of the coolest buildings I’ve seen! Look how beautiful!!!


Now that you’ve seen that, you all will totally appreciate this 😀


On to the books!! I’ve had another book filled few weeks and I’m loving it. I plan to read a little bit more this weekend so I’ll probably be doing another post soon =]

Let’s start with a few ARC’s I’ve read. I still cannot thank these authors enough for these opportunities! First up we have When Sparks Fly by J.A Essen. Ya’ll know how much I FLOVE JA, this book will disappoint NO ONE! This book was hysterical and HOT HOT HOT! Next up we have Twisted Up by Erin Nicholas, I found this one through Netgalley. I love Erin’s work and I was all for reading a book about a tornado riddled town. I have this odd love affair with natural disasters and that made Twisted Up THAT much better for me. Another one I got wasn’t an ARC but Penny Harmon loves me and sent it to me. Her latest in the Rocky Isle Series just came out The Magic of the SunriseI LOVE This series and this book was absolutely everything I was hoping for! Seems like I’ve been super busy on the ARC front, I have two more. Ya’ll know my love for Sports books so when Chance Promotions asked if some of us wanted to read and review a football book you know I jumped right on it!! Draw Play by Tia Lewis is a GREAT sports book!! It’s a great story about a jock and a nerd, which as a nerd I really appreciate! This last one was one of my favorites also. Actually, it’s one of my favorites of the year. I really, really love deep emotion books and Pierce My Heart by Kelsey Jensen was JUST that. Also, Kelsey is the most adorable and genuine person! She was SO excited about my review for this book and I appreciate it soon much!!


I haven’t had a whole lot of time to read books that are just for me, but Ya’ll know who much I love my audio so that is the main way I get my “me” books in. I’m going to combine this section with what I’m currently reading also because I’m in the middle of four books (LOL). In my reading group with Marie James we just read Neighbor Dearest by Penelope Ward this week. I’m really loving Penelope’s writing style! Also found out that one of the characters in this was in Roomhate and they were in her other book Stepbrother Dearest. Looks like I have another book of hers to read! Guys, some days I really think I live under a rock. I had been sitting on Black Widow by Lauren Runow for months, WHAT WAS I THINKING??? This book was fantastic, it was a little dark and a lot kinky and I LOVED it!! Ok now for what I’m currently reading. I had started Tease by Geri Glenn right after we finished Ryker in that same reading group but I really needed to read a few other things for obligatory reasons. I am determined to finish it this weekend!! Another one I started is Royal by Winter Renshaw. I have this on audio and I have the ebook. This one is also GREAT, but I opted to stop listening because I was getting a little bit anxious at the part OI was at. I kind of figured not smart to drive and be anxious LOL. So I’m also determined to finish this guy this weekend =]. The last one I’m determined to finish this weekend is actually a box set of sorts. All of my friends in my one book group are in LOVE with SB Alexander and I kept hearing about the Maxwell brothers. SOME HOW (Again, I live under a rock) I had never read any of her work. So I nabbed the Maxwell books 1-3 on KU. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO DO THIS?? I read the first book in only a day or so and I’m half way through the second. I WILL Finish this tonight =D. Then I have to make sure I get the rest that are out, because I have to finish this series. Lastly, I just started Fifty Shades of Grey on audio and I’m loving and hating it. I’m not a big fan of the narrator, but even though I’ve read this book at LEAST three times I still love it!

Well looks like I’ve rambled quite a bit!!! My last ramble will be about the reading challenge on good reads. How is everyone doing? My original goal for this year was 100 books because I had never kept track before. Well I hit 100 sometime in July so I upped my goal to 180. Do you guys set a rating goal and do you use Good Reads? I’m in no way sponsored but I really love Good Reads. It’s a great way to keep track of the books you’ve read. And if you are like me and have NO CLUE what books you have or haven’t read it’s wonderful! Feel free to add me on there =] https://www.goodreads.com/acsquared89

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.45.24 PM

Have a great weekend everyone!!


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