Weekly Ramblings 8.3

Ello loves!!!! I hope you all have been well, per the usually I’ve been a wee bit on the insane side (😁). Work has sort of consumed my life recently but so have book! I can’t seem to stop reading to pretty much do anything. I have six or seven tv shows waiting for me on my DVR, that is almost unheard of! So enough about why I haven’t been here, let’s talk about the crazy right now. THIS WEATHER! I’m the first to say I LOVE summer, but this is crazy. All the more reason to stay inside and read!! LOL


I’m soon envious of this dog

I’ve been so lucky throughout this entire blog experience and I’ve connected with some great authors. I’ve had some really great ARC’s (Advanced Reader Copy) that I’ve received lately and some books I’ve been sent to review. Here’s some of the beaut’s I’ve been given to review lately (reviews in the link of the title)

From Georgia Le Carre and Laura Jack The Bad Boy Wants Mewith bonus book Dirty Aristocrat by Georgia Le Carre, these two were pretty good. The Bad Boy Want Me started out a little slow but really surprised me and then I was hooked from the very beginning of Dirty Aristocrat. The Bad Boy Wants Me is also currently free on KU! Next is Kicked by Celia Aaron, this is the first I’ve read that she’s written on her own and I was so hooked. I read this in only two sittings (if I didn’t need sleep for work, it would have only been one!). I’ve always loved sports books and this one was TRULY great! Here’s my post about Kicked! Also during this time I was so lucky to get a copy of Burn, the follow up to Hook by Elisabeth Grace. This book was even more addicting than Hook! That’s the first series I’ve read of hers, I can’t wait to read some others I picked up by her. Here’s my blog post on Burn! Recently I joined a group for reviewing for Jo Raven, the first book I read was Storm, this is the first book in her Sex and Bullets series. This was a pretty great read with lots of twist and turns. It’s not something I typically read and I’m so glad I did. It’s a little more dark and sometimes you really just need that. The last book I want to share that I got to read was Shadow this is book three in the Cerberus MC Series. I am completely in love with absolutely everything that Marie writes and this is NO exception.  This just came out, check out my blog post on this here!

I’ve been so busy with work lately that I’ve only gotten through one complete book and MAN did I DEVOUR it! I was really upset that I needed to sleep and work and couldn’t read this! Bossman by Vi Keeland!!!! This is a new release of hers and it’s so great! I forgot JUST how much I love bosses/employee stories, they are one of my favorites! Right now I’m also in the process of listening to Natural Harmony, this is the first in the Confession Records series by Kate Roth. I recently finish Sway on audio that I had won in a contest and decided to go back and listen no Natural Harmony. This series is so great! AND it’s on KU! Kindle Unlimited is really starting to come in handy, lots of great books on there.

So I am going to leave you guys with a little inspiration today. Logan and Jacob Chance, great new authors, have put together Spotify playlists to go with their books. They are GREAT! Both have such an awesome variety that I must share!!!

Jacob’s: https://open.spotify.com/user/sunsh…

Logan’s: https://open.spotify.com/user/sunsh…

I think it’s great that authors are doing this! It’s really a great way to get in their minds and feel what they are feeling.


Have a great week everyone!!!


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