Rocky Isle Romance Series <3

Hello loves!!! It’s been a while since I’ve done a “just because” type post. Last month I read an amazing series and just HAD to share!! Penny Harmon is such a lovely person and I was lucky enough to be gifted these books. I GENUINELY LOVE this series and CANNOT wait until the next book!!! Without further adieu: Rocky Isle Romance!

Book #1: I Saw Him First

i saw him first

Goodreads Link: I Saw Him First

Five single women living on an island off the coast of Maine. The men are few and far between, but the minute a good looking man comes in on the ferry, they all know about it. When Mallory sees Michael when he gets off the ferry, the first thing she does is text her friends: I Saw Him First. Michael is a writer who has come for peace and quiet to finish writing his novel. He didn’t expect to fall in love. As Mallory and Michael explore their new relationship, can they get past the differences in what they want and their two very different lifestyles? Can love really conquer all?


My Review:

I absolutely adored this book!! I accidentally read Jess’s story first so I had a little bit of a preview of Mallory and Michael but I loved reading about them falling in love!!

This is an adorable tale of love at first sight. It isn’t very often you read about this and Penny did it so beautifully. She didn’t make it cheesy or predictable and it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. She made it so real! There were good moments and bad moments just like in every real life relationship.

It is also the perfect beginning to a new series ❤

Book #2: Fallen for King

Fallen for King

Goodreads Link: Fallen For King

Jessica is a woman with a past and it comes back to haunt her when she meets King O’Malley who she hasn’t seen since a disastrous meeting twelve years before.

Jessica and King are two very different people with two very different lives, but they have a connection that neither one can get past and they clash.

Will their connection to each other bring them together or drive them further apart? Add in King’s very belligerent teenage son and you will find it a story you won’t want to miss

If King was going to live on the island, the first thing she had to do was get her own lady parts under control. Just being in the same room with him put her at risk for throwing him down and making mad passionate l (1)

My Review:

I just realized I read this book out of order in the series, but it made a great stand alone! This is the first book I’ve read of Penny’s and I absolutely loved it!!!

Jessica is someone who has completely overcome her past and when King comes in she’s so afraid that it will turn her world upside down. No one likes to see a prominent face from their past resurface and this is exactly what happened with her. From the beginning with their Love/hate type relationship I was totally sucked in. King’s son Max was such a great addition too! He is a kid that we really see evolve throughout the story along with the relationship of King and Jessica.

I can’t wait to go back and read the story of Mallory and Michael!!

Book #3: Love With Your Everything


Goodreads Link: Love With Your Everything

Emily has spent the last fourteen years of her life raising her daughter and running the local coffee shop on Rocky Isle. She begins to think her life is boring and will never change until the new Sheriff comes to town.
Todd Delaney needed to get away to a place where crime wasn’t putting him and his daughter at risk anymore. He’d lost his wife a few years before and now he just wanted to settle down someplace quiet.
After his past comes to visit him and puts all their lives at risk, will Todd and Emily be able to move past their fears and finally get their happily ever after?

Emily needed some excitement.She got itwhen Todd moved to the island!

My Review:

GAHHHH Penny did it again!!! I love that each of these “love at first sight” type romances are so different and so real! Penny doesn’t sugarcoat the romances, she tells it like it is! Now the story of Todd and Emily may be a little more far fetched than the others with how quickly Todd and Emily moved along but it was still real! Everything from when they first had sex to what they were fighting about and why they were fighting. All of that is so real!

I also love that both of them are single parents and that their daughters are so close. They are two genuine and really deserving people, it was great to read their love story. Todd is this great man who had a horrible thing happen to him and his daughter, and Emily is this adorable dinner owner who just isn’t ready to give up her heart. Their story is one of my favorites so far, I can’t wait to hear about Ashley!!!!!

COMING IN AUGUST! Book #4: The Magic of the Sunrise

Here’s a teaser, don’t have anything else yet =]

Ashley claims she's not ready for love.Or is she just scared to be out of control- (1)

About the Author ❤

Penny Harmon

While I have been writing since I can remember, it wasn’t until 2006, after my kids were grown, that I decided to take my writing seriously. I have written for newspapers and magazines, and I have had several short stories published. In January of 2016, I finished my first novella Complicated Inheritance and am now working on a romance to come out in March of 2016 which is the first of a series.

12642430_468727986667159_2296743630444828000_nI get asked the question of “Why romance?” a lot. The answer is easy. Most romance novels have a Happy Ever After (HEA) and who doesn’t like a HEA? I can remember being ten and eleven years old and stealing my mother’s romance novels to read. Of course, back then, they weren’t as steamy as today’s romance novels. Whether you read contemporary romance or historical romance, the one thing you will find is they have a great plot and they leave you with a good feeling inside when you’re done.

I started writing romance stories when I was young…unfortunately, I never chose to do anything with them until now. Of course, the majority of my writing was lost in moves, but the ideas are still there.

I love to hear feedback from readers and you can email me at Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

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