Favorite of 2016, So Far <3

Hi everyone!!! I’ve been trying to think for the past few weeks about my favorite reads so far of the year. For me this is SO HARD, because I try to not read something that I know I won’t love. According to my Good Reads challenge I’ve read over 90 books. Somehow I managed to bring my favorites number down to 15! I’m not really sure how I did this, but I did the best I could!!! Make sure you all let me know what your favorites were so far this year!!!  I’m going to have links to Good Reads in all of the titles so you can find them =] And lastly, there is no order here! Asking me to put this list into order would be TORTURE! Enjoy!!!



I love her so much, that Jay McLean is getting two in this list. I discovered Jay thanks to by Booking Out Besties late last year. Since then I’ve read 8 books of hers and I’m so addicted. First on my list had to be her’s and it starts with More than This. This entire series was amazing but this first book just pulled my heart stings so hard. You can find my post about the entire series here along with a bunch of other series I’m in love with (which you will see also down below).

More Than This

My Review:

I was told by so many people how great Jay is and that I must read this series. Oh my were they right!! I love emotional reads, I love when they pull every emotional string in your body. Jay did this so many times in More Than This. From the beginning you love Kayla and Jake and in the end you ache to were what happens next. So much happens in the beginning that you wonder how it goes on, but then it does. It does, and it just gets better and better. I can’t wait to keep reading this series!


So I had to add into this list somewhere a sports book. One of my favorites this year was The Deal by Elle Kennedy. I really love hockey of all the sports the most so that made me love this one that much more!. You can find my post on all things hockey here!



So if ya’ll haven’t noticed, I tend to really like the “forbidden romance” type genre’s and I really love a good series. Another favorite author of mine right now is Carrie Ann Ryan. So far since late last year I’ve read her entire Montgomery Ink series (so far) and her entire Dante’s Circle Series. One of my favorites of hers was Tempting Boundaries, the second installment in the Montgomery Ink series.


My Review:

This story about Miranda and Decker is one of my favorite so far from the Montgomery siblings. She seems so quite, but so determined. She knew what she wanted and she was going to have it. There were so many parts in this book where my heart was tugged and where it was full. To see these tough, strong, burly men go so soft over their women, it makes your knees weak. Decker’s love for Miranda definitely did just that. I was weak in my knees for her, and I love how she stood up to him and told her what she wanted. I can’t wait to read more about Miranda and Decker and how their bond grows.


AND we are already back to Jay McLean =D. I just can’t get enough of her! Another favotire of mine of hers is Where the Road Takes Me.  I was able to listen to this book also and I LOVED the narrators for it, the guy narrating Blake was so perfect!


My Review:

 Everything about this book was perfect! Jay’s writing is so emotional, you alllways get alllll of the feels from her. At the beginning I was a little leary, I mean finding a girl in the bushes and then spending time with her in the middle of the night. Sketchy. BUT, I had faith, and it really paid off. Blake and Chloe are so absolutely perfect for each other. They bring out each other’s personality and really help each other. Jay really gets you in so many ways too, right when you think you expect something to happen…. it doesn’t! You are totally surprised every time you turn a corner. And man those heart strings, they are pulled and tugged from here to China.

Blake seems like the perfect guy but he’s so broken, and Chloe. Man Chloe, she’s so recluse and you want her to break from that shell. And Chloe’s family, you can’t forget them. They are worth an entire book! The siblings and her parents, they are all so warm and inviting. I really can’t wait for more ❤ ❤ ❤


So what girl doesn’t go gaga over an accent? Well reading Dirty English by Ilsa Madden-Mills I was ALLLL about that accent, and I’m SUPER excited for Filthy English, book 2, to come out soon!!  I read this with a reading group and won a swag pack, I WAS SO EXCITED!!


My Review:

Ah this book!!! I read this book with a group of friends and I’m sooo glad they chose it! Elizabeth and Declan are amazing characters!!

I love how innocent Elizabeth was and how she tried so hard to not let Declan get to her, how she was determined to not let the cliche of a British godlike man get to her. But, in the end, she was just human and couldn’t stay away from the beautiful man. I also love that she let him in, let him help her and not be afraid while with him.

Now Declan, oh Declan, from the moment she finds his books I was intrigued. I was super excited to see that he was an awesome person! Him and his brother are such great characters, and they both have such strong personalities. He has such a strong past with his family, that I love that he is so protective of Elizabeth. And his twin, Dax, he is just as adorable! He baited his brother with Elizabeth, but he became such good friends with her. I really can’t wait to hear his story.

Overall absolutely adored this book! Can’t wait for more ❤



Here’s a super funny and laid back book that kept me guessing and kept me laughing the whole time. Get Lucky by Lila Monroe. Here’s my post on it.


My Review:

So this was my first read of Lila’s and I am 100% addicted. This book was so amazing, I read it all in one day (read pretty much non-stop for 4 hours). I read it even while I was cooking dinner (resulted in burning myself and part of my food of course =D).

This book had every characteristic you want in a book: Great leads, funny support characters, serious and funny scenarios & every emotion under the rainbow. Lila gave us ALL of these so many times!!! Nate and Julia were such amazing lead characters, they were both so developed and for the most part unpredictable. There were also so many layers to their story. They started off by hating each other, they wake up together and put the pieces back together. How can you not LOVE THIS? This isn’t your typical “What happens in Vegas” story and that makes it so much better!

Their friends throughout this whole story are fantastic too!! I really enjoyed the fact that Julia was an author, I always think that is clever, and that her author friend and agent are a big part of this. And then there’s the bachelor and bachelorette parties. All of these people just really are the icing on the cake.

Can’t wait to go read more of her work!


Now I know you guys saw me talk about this book, maybe once or twice (Ok maybe even more), but it was so good!!! This one is Panty Whisperer:  The Complete Series by Sloane Howell. This one had me laughing and feeling a little on edge (;-]) throughout the whole book!

Panty Whisperer cms2

My Review:

AHHHHHHH This deserves 6 stars!!!!!!!!!!! The beginning of this book I was thinking, wow how can I review erotica? Then, but then, you get into the nitty gritty of the story of Joel & Quinn. From the beginning Joel is so smooth you can’t help but love him, you even can’t help but admire his technique. And Tommy, his friend, is so amazing!!! The two together are such a great team. And how Quinn and Megan fit into the mix. It’s so hard to write this review and not give away because all I want to talk about are my favorite moments and how I loved each character! Each person was so developed and the chemistry between them all was just fantastic. I can’t wait to read it again!!!


Kaleidoscope Hearts by Claire Contreras was a book that I had gotten on a whim during a sale and I was really excited that it had audio. The audio on this book was FANTASTIC and everything about it was SO amazing. It just HAD to be in my top 15 (but could easily be in my top 5).

Kaleidoscop hearts

 My ReviewL

Estelle is so inspiring! She’s been through so much and had really let herself live. And Oliver, oh Oliver. I LOVE the forbidden romance type stories and Kaleidoscope Hearts didn’t disappoint!!!!

I can’t even imagine what Estelle went through when her fiance died, and she very much let herself hurt for a while. But then she picked herself back up. She was strong and wonderful! She also didn’t give in right away to Oliver. She knew he wasn’t someone who she should trust easily, but she also had known him her whole life. When it was time to live and let go, she did! Now of course there was a fair amount of heart ache and tears, but that makes this so much better. It makes it real.

And Oliver, he just didn’t give up. He wasn’t going to settle for being on the side lines. He was FINALLY ready to commit to her. When he finally let his fears about her brother subside, it was wonderful! I can’t wait to read the rest of the series ❤ ❤ ❤


One of my favorite series (to date) has been the Walsh Series, so of course I had to pick a favorite, and so far it was Patrick and Andy in The Space Between by  Kate Catnerbary. I haev to say though, I’m still holding out for RISD! I can’t wait for his book!!


My Review

The Walsh series is fastly becoming one of my absolute favorites. I have an interior design degree and I absolutely love architecture so I love to hear the lingo and all about their projects. And much like Andy and Patrick I absolutely love the old homes and buildings and the thought of historically preserving them while trying to also make them sustainable makes me so happy!

What also makes me happy is seeing uptight and growly Patrick unwind. And I absolutely love the taboo-ness of it being his apprentice! I was kind of hoping he would tell Shannon the moment she questioned why he was so opposed to hiring her, because I desperately wanted to see her reaction at seeing Patrick so frazzled over a woman. Although, they may not have hired her then, and we can’t have that can we? In Underneath It All we got to only see glimpses of Patrick, but always seemed so uptight, I couldn’t imagine him with someone like Andy. But in the interview when Andy made him wait and listen to everything she said I knew she had him. They are so much a like and have so many of the same tastes, that it tickled me hearing that they had the same thoughts and that they didn’t know that both of them were having those same thoughts. And to see them both so tortured, it was torture reading it.

Seeing the two of them grow together was adorable. To see how well they continued to work together was so courageous too. They were able to, mostly, act like there was nothing between them but a shared love of architecture and food. Seeing the unravel of Patrick was the best though. To see him start to crash, and the victory he felt when he found that his feelings weren’t his own was amazing. After reading about Andy and Patrick and Matthew and Lauren I cannot wait to see what’s to come!


I was lucky enough to get to preview this book and I’ve established a great relationship with the author. This one is Can’t You See by Dawn Chiletz. You can find me review and post about it here.

Cant You See


This next one is a book that I 100% related to because the lead character was a curvy girl, so this one holds a close place in my heart. BUT it was also ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Perfectly Imperfect by Harper Sloane.  I posted a blog about, you can find me review here.

Perfectly Imperfect


This one is an author that is new to me and very quickly becoming a favorite. After reading this I’ve read at least three others by her (most of these were collabs and just as fabulous). Pretty Instinct by SE Hall. SE was so amazing and gifted me a signed copy of this book. Can you imagine how that was when I opened that piece of mail? (Overly excited and fan girling would be a total understatement)


My review:

Pretty Instinct completely rocked my world! I was looking for a book that had a “Whisper Sync” option and saw this one did. Now, I haven’t read anything by SE before, and I’m so sad that I hadn’t!!!

Liz Charmichael, this chick, she’s a tough one. She overcame so much! She takes care of her older brother, by choice, and helps keep everyone else in her life happy. She is so strong and so tough, but alone. The Cannon Blackwell shows up and rocks her world. Lizzie tries to be so strong and wants to help make everyone else happy, but she doesn’t do anything to make herself happy. Cannon, he helps her achieve this, but it isn’t tough. As he likes to say “Breathe in for you and now out for me.” He was her calm, and helped her bloom. Helped her realize what she wanted in life. It’s so powerful!

These two have charmed the pants off of me, I can’t wait to be charmed even more ❤

Ya’ll know just how much I love Marie James. She’s one of my favorite new authors, so OF COURSE I had to have her in here! One of my favorites so far this year from her was Kincaid!  You can find my post about this book here.

c739c-kincaid2bebook2bcover.P.S. The fact that Matthew Hosea is on the cover makes it SO MUCH BETTER!

My Review:

Now, I do have a little bias because I’m already a HUGE fan of Marie’s but this book was everything! Kincaid is the deep, broody biker guy that you might imagine, but he was so loyal and loving. Him and Emmalyn have this connection that everyone wishes they could have in a significant other. From the moment they meet each other there are sparks. And Emmalyn, she’s this broken girl who breaks out of her shell into this feisty woman.

The plot to this story is so touching too. To know that a woman who was beat down is picked up and whisked away like a fairy tale, it’s what every woman deserves. There’s twist and turns everywhere you goo too, you’re never left thinking “well, I cold have guessed that.” The depth that each of these character’s have is immense and you get to see each of them blossom. So of course, seeing that the title actually reads Cerbeus MC Book 1 you are left wanting more! But, this could be a stand alone novel, it very much has a definite beginning and “end”. I can’t wait to see who comes next!!!


This next one is the last in a series that I absolutely adored. I’m sure this is something you’re very tired of hearing me say, but it’s true! This is one of the first full series that I got to listen to along with read. The Way We Rise by Cassia Leo. I did an entire post about this series. You can find that here.

Cassia Leo. The Way We Rise

My Review:

I’m not really sure if I can express in words how much I loved this story. The story of Rory and Houston slaughtered me. Cassia used every emotion you can emote in every one of these stories, and this one had no shortage of any of them. My heart strings were pulled, tears fell, anger arose and pure joy was felt so deep down inside of me.

This final book, like the others, had so many layers to it. It’s like an onion, each chapter peels back another layer. Another layer into the minds of Rory and Houston. The book starts with a layer that we are a little familiar with from the ending of The Way We Break ended. The next layer is how they move on. I’d be giving away too much if I talk about each layer, but you really do get to see more and more of everyone. Rory grows so much throughout this book, she learns to be her own person. I don’t think Rory knew how to be her own person before this, I think before, she just existed.

When I finish about to finish a novel I’m always so annoyed. I never want it to end! But even more, I don’t want to not know what happens. Everything about the end of this book is complete, and that made me so happy! The ending to the base of the book was phenomenal, and not at ALL what I had expected. And THEN you get hit with this EPIC epilogue. You got to see a little taste of what the future held for Rory and Houston, and that is all that a reader can really ask for.

This series is the first body of work that I’ve read from Cassia Leo. I think it’s safe to say that she’s earned a fan! I can’t wait to read some more of her work!


So this is my most recent favorite and the first book I’ve read of hers. Pop! by V Kelly. This book is sooooo good!!! Technically it hasn’t come out yet, but it’s too good to not post!! I will definitely be doing some promo for this guy so I’m just going to give you the cover and the Good Reads Link =D



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