Weekly Ramblings 6.8

HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ello loves! It’s been to darn long since I’ve done one of my updates or ramblings. I miss you all Let’s chat!!


It’s been a very book and work filled few weeks! I’m finally back to reading like I used to, but sadly still lacking on the blog front. For that I’m so sorry! I promise I’ll make it up to you all somehow! I’ve had quite a few obligatory type reads lately, some ARC’s, some books that authors asked me to write. They’ve all been so wonderful! Since we spoke last I’ve read 14 books and I’m currently reading two. Some of the ARC’s I got were: On Higher Ground, SINdicate, Get Lucky,  Saving Robor, and Coast. I have two more I have finished up but they haven’t released yet, but once they do I’ll post them!

Two of these were written by two of my favorite authors, Jay McLean and Marie James. I’ve read almost all of what they’ve written and I was SO excited for these released! J.A. Essen (Marie James’ Husband) is an amazing author that is pretty new to me, Saving Robor definitely didn’t disappoint! This was my first read by Lila Monroe, and man was it awesome! This was such a steamy and fun read! Then we come to Melissa Collins. I LOVE what I’ve read of her LOVE series and although this book is part of a series it read so well as a stand alone. Now I need to go back and read the rest!!

Some other great books I’ve read were: Dirty EnglishAnything for You, Pure Fantasy, Kick Push, Dirty Sexy Inked, Filthy Foreign Exchange 1 and Confessions.

Kick Push and Filthy Foreign Exchange I’ve had in my library for quite some time, but I’d been waiting for the next book to come out before I started them. Thankfully I received advanced copies of both Coast and Filthy Foreign Exchange 2 and I CAN NOT WAIT TO SHARE WITH YOU ALL!!!! Kristan Higgans and Carly Phillips are two authors that I’d read before I discovered the indie authors so It was nice to go back to some of what I used to read. They both are such great authors! Anything for You was SO adorable, and Dirty Sexy Inked was steamy and a great Friend to Lover story. Really they both were but VERY different in style. Dirty English I read in my book group and I was super excited to have won a signed copy! This is the first book in a series, so you know what that means! Actually all of these except for Confessions and Pure Fantasy. I love my series!


Well enough ramblings for now, I promise to not to be away for so long next time!!! Love you all and have a great week!!


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