Favorites Series: Let’s talk some Audio <3

Hi everyone!!! I Hope everyone had a great week! My week was full of catching up, or trying to make things work at least. I am super excited for this weekend though, it’s my nephew’s 6th birthday party! There’s been a lot of changes in our family this year so this party will be so awesome!


Now ya’ll know my love for audio books is strong! I think it’s finally time to talk about some of my favorites, from the books themselves to the narrators. I do have to preface with the fact that I do have a prejudice to certain audio books. Let me explain =D. So far, I’ve only purchase the audio companion to the e-books I’ve purchased. This is called Whispersync from Amazon. So far the audio books I keep finding are pretty pricey. If you already own the e-book sometimes they have the Whispersync option and it’s WAYYYY cheaper than just buying the audio. ALSO you can still play these on the Audible app! It’s really a win-win for me, because if I decide to listen to the book while driving home (via bluetooth) then if I wanted to I could continue reading the e-book once I get home. You can find a little more about Whispersync here.


Some of you may know this, but I’m still fairly new to the audio world. Really I’m pretty new to the modern day book world (I was stuck in the past and only knew of the NY Times best seller type romance authors). But, in this time I’ve really found some narrator’s that I’ve become to really like. Others, they kind of sound like the people on the recordings when you call a business. The good ones though, I tend to want to read/listen to a book more if I know the narrator’s voice. There have been a few voices that I’m not very fond of, but I won’t dwell on those. Here’s what I’ve got so far!

Male Narrators: I’ve come to really like three male narrators, Christian FoxNick Podehl, & Sean Crisden. I discovered Christian Fox while reading the Walshes series by Kate Canterbury (one of my absolute favorite audio series), his voice is very soothing and the age and tone fits so well with the male characters. Nick Podehl was one of the first I heard. He narrated Where the Road Takes Me by Jay McLean, I fell in love with his voice instantly. Again, it was so perfect for the character! Lastly Sean Crisden, he narrated Pierced by Sydney London, Sacked by Jen Frederick & Let Love In by Melissa Collins. All three of those are books in a series, all of which I love. He’s probably the male voice I’ve heard the most. There are of course others that I like to hear, but these three stick out the most for me.

Female Narrators: There’s four female voices that I’ve really come to enjoy (their’s are less annoying then some male voices =D), Shirl Rae, Erin Mallon, Lucy Rivers and Saskia Maarleveld. Shirl narrated Perfectly Imperfect by Harper Sloan,  most of the Love series by Melissa Collins and the Gridiron Series by Jen Frederick. She’s probably the female I’ve heard the most of. Erin Mallon has narrated the Story of Us Series by Cassia Leo (one of my all time favorite series). Lucy Rivers, she seems to pair up with Christina Fox a lot. She’s narrated the female voice in the Walshes series by Kate Canterbary and a few books in the Love series by Melissa Collins. Lastly we have Saskia Maarleveld, she’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine. She had narrated The Fallen Crest High series by Tijan and quite a few Nora Roberts books

Favorite Audiobooks: I wanted to break this down to my top three, but two of the three are series. I figured it was only fair to lump them together. The first I listened to was Where the Road Takes Me, and it is still one of my favorites. Next in line is the Walshes series by Kate Canterbary. This is a series where I actually enjoyed both narrators. I rarely “mind” the voice of the narrator, but they aren’t often who I would prefer to here. This one had the perfect pairing. Also a favorite is the Fallen Crest High series by Tijan. It’s the first I’ve heard of Saskia’s but I’ve really enjoyed her voice and it is just so fitting for the series. The series has a darkness to it that her voice is so perfect for.

I hope this favorite series helps inspire some of you to take a listen! I’ll try and post at the end of the year for the second half, maybe I’ll have discovered some others I love =]

Have a great weekend!!


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