Weekly Update 5.18.16

Hiiiii everyone!!!! *Waves Frantically* I have been totally MIA lately and I am SOOO sorry! Luckily I’ve gotten some great requests for cover reveals and blog tours, I hope I’m not clogging your feeds too much! I’m really starting to settle into the new job and the new schedule so I hope I can get back on track for reading!! Did anyone else have to deal with SNOW on Monday? That is such an evil four letter word… Anywho, onto some books!!


Let’s talk favorites so far this year. So we are nearing the halfway point for the year,  think I want to make a post of my favorites so far for 2016, does that sound good? I think it’d be fun! I know I always try and let you know what I’m reading and how I’ve liked things but sometimes it’s hard to convey just how much I loved something. For example: The Panty Whisperer by Sloane Howell. I was given an ARC of this so I could post about it, and I was already pretty excited because I just read Matriarch and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED his writing. I shared the cover reveal of sorts Monday and I’ll have an official release post tomorrow. BUT This was one of my favorite reads so far this year!!! There was a lot of really cool Star Wars references, which if you know Sloane isn’t surprising, but it was neat how it was so consistent in the novel. I don’t always to give my opinion like I would like to or I might not let it be known how much I loved something (although ya’ll know I like to talk so I do more often than not).

Panty Whisperer cms2

I couldn’t resist posting this again, he’s so hot *swoons*

In addition to favorite books I’ve adopted a few favorite authors, on the short list: Jay McLean, Cassia Leo and Carrie Ann Ryan. I’ve also finally gotten on the Tijan bandwagon, which is going to be TRULY addicting. Have any one you read the Fallen Crest High series yet? If not, then please do! I believe the first book of the series is free and it has really great audio. Speaking of Audio (I know, I’m supper ADD tonight, sorry!!) I think I will also compile a favorite audio list. Maybe I’ll try and put together a favorites series where I post a favorite of sorts each week. Any suggestions?  I haven’t had a chance to start any new audio lately, but I sure plan on it!


Also something new, I started using Kindle Unlimited (KU) last week. I haven’t had a whole lot of time for pleasure reading since I joined (of course…) but I had noticed that a lot of books I was buying or wanted to buy were on KU. For $10 a month three books would pay for the membership alone, and I’m pretty positive I buy way more than $10 worth of books a month. I’ll keep you guys updated and let you know what KU books I’m reading.

Currently Reading: I’m currently reading a few ARCS, I just started On Higher Ground by Melissa Collins (Releasing May 18th) and SINdicate by Marie James are on the docket right now(releasing May 25th) . I’m really hoping to start Black Widow by Lauren Runow soon. I’ll keep you guys updated! I have three books to get done by the end of the month so I’ll definitely have a few more release day posts and probably a few reviews, so keep an eye out!

Goodbye for now everyone! Have a great rest of your week =]


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