Sticky by Julia Swift

Ello loves! Yesterday the amazing Julia Swift released Sticky. I was super excited to get an ARC of this, and as I predicted I gobbled it right up!!! Right now Sticky is only $.99 and FREE on Kindle Unlimited! Here’s a little about it =D


Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan.

I had one job left to do. After that, I’d finally be free of that bastard crime boss. I’m used to getting what I want–nothing has ever stopped me.
And then I met Sloan.

Beautiful… sexy… and a hell of a sassy mouth. She makes me ache in a way no one ever has.

She’s also the sister of the man I need to take down.
How did my luck get so bad?

My last job has become something much more complicated.
I should stick to the plan, but I can’t keep my hands off of her wicked curves. Can I finish this job and keep Sloan?
Or will I lose her forever when she finds out the truth?

WARNING: This book contains a sexy, possessive man who can’t keep it in his pants when it comes to his woman. Luckily, he’s not just well endowed… he also knows how to use it. *wink wink*


My review:

Just as the title alludes to, this book is so full of Sticky situations. Hunter Gage is this dangers, tattooed, blonde beauty of a man and Sloane Casey is a tough, voluptuous, complex gorgeous woman who from the moment their eyes met you knew steam was coming. Steam so hot you were going to be left singed! I felt all of that just from them moment she felt his eyes on her, and she liked it. Every woman has that man in the back of her head that she thinks only dreams are made of, and on the surface “Gage” seems to be just that for Sloane. Just the same, every man has the woman he hopes to find one day, a woman that he can fit himself into her curves, and for Gage that was Sloane.

I really didn’t expect this book to be as intense from the beginning. This “casino mob” boss Aaron O’Malley is a sleeze, and I thought maybe Gage would want to do this one last deed and be on his way. I’m so glad I was wrong! As soon as you get in Gage’s head you know there’s a morality about him that you wouldn’t expect from a “thug.” He very much knows that the situation he was put in isn’t good for him, and he’s determined to make the most of it. Sloane was an obstacle that he knew existed, but he didn’t expect (or necessarily want) that instant attraction. Opposite to that, Sloane was absolutely everything I could hope for in a woman lead! She is a loving sister, but a fierce woman. She knows how to stand her own, how to do what she must to make sure she can live her life and she sure knows how to use what God gifted her! Women leads have the tendency to be soft, and that isn’t what Sloane is. As Julia words it she has a ‘hell of a sassy’ mouth, and that girl knows what she’s doing!

Then there’s Freddie. I knew something was up, but I just couldn’t figure him out!!! His twist was the biggest and the “stickiest” of them all! Freddie fiercely wants to keep his sister protected, just as she wants to help him out. Brother/sister relationships are always nice to see, definitely when their bond is so strong. Freddie also didn’t let Gage get in his way of his sisters safety, the protectiveness he has for her is so endearing.

If you love a strong, sexy man and a beautiful sassy woman with lots of plot twists and “sticky” situations go get ‘Sticky’ now!!

I hope this inspires you all to go get Sticky! I always try and give you as many details without giving too much away, but it’s a little hard in this scenario. The basics of the blot is as such: Hunter Gage works for the local “casino mob boss” Aaron O’Malley (who is just as sleezy as you might thing) and Hunter has to get some money for Aaron from Fredderick Casey. To make life hard for Hunter, Freddie’s sister Sloane is a total babe. A babe that he can’t seem to stay away from, this creates all sorts of “Sticky” situations! Make sure to click the buy links below and in the title throughout this post I have the goodreads linked up!

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