Perilous Love by J.A. Essen

Hello loves! I’m back with a post about one of my favorites of the year! I was lucky enough to be invited to Beta read this novel for JA Essen, and I’m so happy they let me! This was my first fantasy type read, and I will definitely be going back for more!! Now, for some book love, Perilous Love! ❤

perilous love



Edana is an Elven Druid princess whose world was sent spiraling out of control three years ago, shortly after her Awakening. She has spent her days since, training, and biding her time, waiting to exact her revenge on those responsible. That time is now.

Faudron, our hero, has been contracted by the kingdom of Dun Felmar, to track down and destroy the threat in the Forsaken Woods that is slowly killing off the Royal Guard. Another adventure and another payday. The only difference this time, is a set of mysterious circumstances that leads him to believe dark magic may be at play.

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time isn’t always a bad thing.

When Edana and Faudron’s worlds collide, they are sent down a path filled with deceit and betrayal, putting them both on the run from the Druids and Humans. Could their magical attraction to one another be preordained? Where do they run with both on their tails? Is their forbidden love hopeless, or will the past change everything?

My Review:

I had never read a fantasy type romance before, I had only ever read paranormal, so I was pretty excited for Perilous Love. I was lucky enough to beta read for JA, so I got to see a little more of the process. Edana is a character that makes you want to be her. She’s beautiful, strong, fierce and loyal and everything you would want to be in a person. And Faudron, he seems to be everything you might want as an equal companion. They both have such strength and wisdom that they are captivating, especially when together. Edana’s fierceness is so strong, in everything she does, from fighting for revenge to making love. And Faundron, he’s sought after for his hunting, but the fierceness that he is able to love Edana is heart melting. The two of them together make a wonderful power couple.

The setting of the novel is fascinating. The fact that there are two separate worlds, that was really cool. One race didn’t necessarily know about the other, or what they did know they learned from fairytales. When these two worlds collide the sparks that fly are massive. When Edana and Faundron fight for what is right, and for what needs to be done their barriers start to crumble some. The fairytale aspects and the battles make this the best of both worlds.

You get an equal amount of curiosity, passion, and love, that are met with the forces of war, death and destruction. There’s the perfect amount of both to keep you constantly wanting more. I’m an action gal too so I liked to see some of that in the mix, especially since Edana is a great warrior! I loved this book very much, hope others get to enjoy it as much as I did!

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