Weekly Update 3.29 – Is it Friday yet?

Hi Everyone!!! I know it’s only Tuesday, but… Is it Friday Yet? We’ve been so busy at my day job and it’s starting to get the best of me. I haven’t done much reading in the past few days, I think we are going to have to change that soon! Maybe that will help =] Anywho! Let’s get onto this weeks reads! I’ve got some goodies that I’ve been looking forward to and two group reads.


To start out my week I was lucky enough to get an ARC (Advanced reader copy) of Can’t You See by Dawn L Chieltz.  I will be doing a full post on this book, I love it THAT much! The official release date is April 1st. There are soooo many twists and turns, Can’t wait! I inserted a link to the good reads page so you guys can get a little taste of it =]. Next on the list is a group read with new authors Logan and Jacob Chance’s group. They are some fun new authors and decided to help us ladies out and do a group read! We are reading the new release HardBall by CD Reiss. This guy I was already excited about reading, but I really am excited to hear the guys give their take on a novel. Can’t say I’ve had a guy read with me before, should be interesting. Somewhere in this mix I HAVE to start This is Love, Baby by K Webster. I was DEAD at the end of This is War, Baby and I could not believe it ended!!! If anyone would like to talk about this, let me know!!! It was so crazy and it kind of broke me for a little bit, to be honest. SUPER excited for that one, I’m going to find a way to fit it in this week. Lastly (for now =D) the group I’m in with Marie James’ fans is reading Priest by Sierra Simone. This one is going to be a little tough for me. Priest involves the topic of suicide and the type of suicide is near and dear to me because a good friend’s brother committed suicide the same way. I’m honestly not sure I’ll be able to finish, but I’m going to give it a good effort because I’ve heard so many good things.


Now that we’ve talked about what I’m hoping to get read this week I want to talk about some books I’m really looking forward to. The next Dante’s Circle book An Immortal Song, comes out on April 5th. I’ll be reading that at the beginning of next week and I’m hoping to do a post on the series. It’s a series that I’ve really grown to love, and honestly it’s the second full series (not yet fulfilled too!!!) of Carrie Ann Ryan’s and I’m completely obsessed! Her writing is wonderful and her character development is even better. After this I’d like to finally read Kick Push by Jay McLean. I love her writing soooo much and Where The Road Takes Me was phenomenal, I can’t wait to read more. Especially because she’s working on Kick Push 2 right now =D. In addition to bringing back that series (are you surprised?) I am very ready for book #2 in the Cold Fury Hockey series, Garrett

Well enough yapping for now (have I told you my nickname is Gabby because of this? … a tale for another day =D). Hope you all have a great week, talk to you all soon!!


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