Weekly Update 3.25

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!! I hope you all have had a good week so far! I started a few new books this week and wanted to talk about some books that I’m so excited to come out.


This week I finished Let Love Inupon finish this book I was pleasantly surprised to find that this is a series that currently has five books! Right now I’m on book #2, Let Love StayI love the character’s to this series so much and I’m so happy they are still going strong! This is a series that I’ve been listening to more than reading. I’ve really come to love the voice of Shiri Rae, she also was the female narrator in the Story of Us series. The male character is narrated by Sean Crisden, I’m not as happy with him for the role of Reid, but I’ve gotten used to his voice. If you guys haven’t tried it yet, the Whispersync option on some of the kindle e-books is great!

The second book I started is This is War, Baby. K Webster is releasing the second book to this series next week (one of the one’s I’m excited to come out!). Since the second book is coming out, I thought this was the perfect time to start book #1. After reading Corrupt and Roomhate I wanted to read something else a little dark. Who knows why, but I felt it was necessary! I’ve liked the contrast of reading something a little more “Sweet” and something a little more “dark” at the same time. I’m not very far in, but I’ve definitely hooked! This is another novel that really keeps you guessing, which means that you just HAVE to keep reading.

Now, onto the really good stuff! There’s three books coming out next week that I’m SOOOO excited about!! If any of you want something really fun to read and you enjoy sports you NEED to read the Pucked series!! I’m serious, GO NOW!!! LOL. Book #4, Forever Pucked comes out 3/29.  The next is Breaking Her, this is the second book in the duo Love is War by R.K. Lilley. I read Breaking Him at the end last year and I was left hanging so badly! Just when you are REALLY hooked, it ended!!! The third is book #2 in the War & Peace duo mentioned above, This is Love, Baby by K. Webster. Now that I’m reading book #1, I’m soooo glad that the next one comes out next week. All three of these come out on 3/29, keep a look out!!  I’ll try and post a blog update for all three of these once I’ve gotten them all read =]

In case I don’t get to get talk to you guys before Sunday, have a great Easter!!! Talk to you all soon!!!



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