Catching Up

Hello Everyone!!! I hope you all had a great weekend! I worked all weekend, but I got some good reading in! What is everyone reading right now?

I just finished up two books tonight. I finished up an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of Cleat Chaser by Sloane Howell and Celia Aaron, which I will be posting about Thursday for release day, so be on the look out! For my “listen” of the weekend I just finished up Perfectly Imperfect by Harper Sloan. Both of these books captivated me over the weekend. Cleat Chaser was a lighter read, while Perfectly Imperfect was a heavier read. I’ll have a review up tonight for Perfectly Imperfect.

Up next I’ll finally be reading Dirty, Ugly Toy by K. Webster and I’m still looking for something to listen to. I’m thinking maybe Let Love In by Melissa Collins. This was a freebie with an audible option add-on.

I also wanted to talk tonight about my love for series. Last week I finished up Pretty Instinct by SE Hall and it’s book one in a series. This is another book that I absolutely LOVED! I cannot wait to read the rest. There’s a few other series that I’m in the middle of that I really am looking forward to finishing. I can’t wait to read more in the Carolina Cold Fury series by Sawyer Bennett, The Syndicate series by Kathy Coopmans, Starcrossed series by Leisa Rayven, Combative series by Jay McLean, and Pucked series by Helena Hunting to name a few. I’m going to try and have a list of books that I’m looking forward to soon for you guys and some great sales.

Hope you all have a great week!!


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