The Story of Us Series by Cassia Leo

Hello loves! I finished this series this week and thought I’d share! Here’s my review for The Way We Fall and I’ve linked the other two reviews. I don’t want to give away anything to those who haven’t read this series yet. For a little backstory, Rory and Houston loved each other long ago and have recently reconnected. Rory was always in love with Houston, and he just noticed her once she approached adulthood. A tragedy brought them together, but then another tore them apart. Whether it was for better or for worse that they meet up again is to be seen throughout the other two books. This was the first series (or any book) that I’ve read by Cassia Leo and I’m now hooked! These books were very emotion, and that’s my favorite type of read. You were angry, happy, sad, resentful, everything you could think of. I hope you all enjoy!!

The Way We Fall (The Story of Us, #1)The Way We Fall by Cassia Leo

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Way We Fall is the perfect title for this book. Not only did they fall once, but they fell twice. To have that second chance at love is something so special. But then to lose it so harshly. From the beginning we get to see how reserved Rory is, you can tell something has damaged her, but you have no clue what. Until she opens the door to find Houston. We instantly know there is a strong, strangling past between the two of them. It’s so thick in the room when they meet again. But it’s almost as if they pick up right where they left off 5 years ago when he stands by her side to help her. The man that crippled her returns.

Then Houston, he’s going through so much at home. With a home life that he hates so much. Yet why did he not go back? Why did he let this horrible woman manipulate him? Clearly something is wrong with that woman. But then he words it so wonderfully, “This is the way we fall. First we lose our balance, teetering precariously on the edge of uncertainty, until, mercilessly, gravity takes over. You can’t outshine gravity”. Right there.

Right there it explains everything. Every beautiful, painful detail of their lives and how they’ve ended up. Then Liam comes in and Tess tries to run the show. This cliffhanger… it hurts

Review for The Way We Break

Review for The Way We Rise

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