Hi, I’m Angie! Welcome to my Blog =]

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to give you all a little insight as to who I am! As you can see I’m a big fan of reading and books. I’ve been an avid reader since I was about 9, and I’ve had a nose in a book at all times ever since. I knew where every book was at the local and school libraries!

A little background for you, I’m 27 years old living in Pittsburgh, PA. I’m from Canton, Ohio and ventured out to the burg for college when I was 18 and I’ve become a lifer! I have a degree in Interior Design and I work two jobs. I work as an executive assistant at a showroom called Design Trade Mkt, where we sell fabrics, furniture and other goods to interior designers. My second job is at Levin Furniture working as an office associate.

One might ask when I have time for books, but I make time! I tend to read anywhere from 3-5 books a week (sometimes more if I’m in the mood). I primarily read romance, but also read some fantasy and mystery. If you ever would like a recommendation just let me know! I have over 800 physical books, and around 500 ebooks. I also am a big fan of audiobooks, especially Whispersync where I can read or listen.

I’m going try and post all of my reviews from Goodreads here and also do a weekly blog where I post about what I’m looking forward to reading and maybe some new books that are coming out that I’m excited about.

Hope you all enjoy!


Photo Feb 25, 10 08 30 AM

The face behind the blog!

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