Combative, leaves you wanting to Combat!!

Combative (Combative, #1)Combative by Jay McLean

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read Combative in a structured read that Jay McLean did on Facebook. I haven’t read anything in a structured format since college, and it was interesting. Combative was a great book to do this with. Just like any other book Jay as written this book as so many feels. But this guy, it’s a little darker.

Let’s talk about this plot. Oh man, oh man. I loved that we got a good bit of the background of Jackson and Kyler’s childhood, because it really gives you a better understanding of why they are the way they are. These two friends being so close that they are like brothers, but drift apart so much. Now Madison, she is a complete and total mystery. Every time you think you’ve figured something out about her you find out something different. The entire plot was like this. As soon as you thought you maybe had an understanding of something or possibly thought you could be right about something, it changed so dramatically. I absolutely loved this! I hate when you just know what is going to happen. And for me that never really happened here.

Now these characters, oh how I love them all. Everyone has so much depth to them, even someone with a small role like Tiny. Each person has their quirks and is fully formed as a character. This is something that I rarely find in book. Yes there were some people that you still don’t “get”, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t developed. Nate and Madison were two people that you were always guessing what was going on. At the end, you still have no idea.

Jay, I am going to thank you for this cliff hanger. It is leaving me begging for more and giving me a chance to soak up what I’ve found out!

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